How do you use seam in a sentence?

How do you use seam in a sentence?

How to use Seam in a sentence

  1. His tiny fist clutched the outer seam of her jeans.
  2. The use of this machine has allowed a thin seam of cannel, from 10 to 14 in.
  3. There’s a seam here.
  4. Megan stepped forward and the heel of her sandal sank into a seam in the walkway.

Whats the difference between seams and seems?

The noun seam refers to a line formed by sewing together two pieces of material, or to any line or mark like this. The noun seam may also refer to a thin layer of coal, ore, etc. As a verb, seam means to join together to form a seam. The verb seem means to appear or to give the impression of being something.

How do you use seem and seems in a sentence?

Seem means ‘appear in a particular way’. We can use it as a linking verb (like be) or with a to-infinitive. We do not normally use seem in the continuous form: She seems very young to be a teacher.

What seam means?

Definition of seam (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : the joining of two pieces (as of cloth or leather) by sewing usually near the edge. b : the stitching used in such a joining. 2 : the space between adjacent planks or strakes of a ship. 3a : a line, groove, or ridge formed by the abutment of edges.

What is an example of seam?

An example of a seam is the line on the shoulder of a shirt that joins a sleeve to the main part of a shirt. Seam means to join together. An example of to seam is to sew together the two fronts of a shirt. A line of junction formed by sewing together two pieces of material along their margins.

What is the past form of seem?

seem ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it seems
present participle seeming
past tense seemed
past participle seemed

What is the meaning of seems like?

seem like (something) To appear to be or give the impression of being a particular kind of person or thing. A: “Have you met Tom’s new boyfriend?” B: “Yeah, he seems like a nice guy.” Though it seemed like a good idea at the time, the direction we pursued with the company nearly bankrupted us. See also: like, seem.

What is a good sentence for Seem?

Christmas was only a few days away, and yet it didn’t seem like Christmas. Doesn’t seem too great. It didn’t seem like Christmas. They seem to think I betrayed them.

Which is plural seem or seems?

People is actually the subject, and the word “seem” is used, instead of “seems,” because people is plural. Examples: There seems to be a person in the room. There seem to be people in the room.

What is mean by seem?

Definition of seem intransitive verb. 1 : to appear to the observation or understanding. 2 : to give the impression of being.

What is the meaning of seems to be?

to appear to be, feel, do, etc.: She seems better this morning. to appear to one’s own senses, mind, observation, judgment, etc.: It seems to me that someone is calling. to appear to exist: There seems no need to go now.

What are the uses of seam?

Seams are an essential element to every garment and fabric accessory, as they join the material together to create the item. Seams are used for hems and to finish necklines and edges. Seams add shape through elements like darts, which are used to shape hips, waists, and bustlines.

How many types of seem are there?

Plain seam. Double-stitched seam. French seam.

What is the verb of seem?

verb. \ ˈsēm \ seemed; seeming; seems.

What type of word is seem?

As detailed above, ‘seem’ is a verb. Verb usage: He seems to be ill. Verb usage: Her eyes seem blue.

Is it correct to say Seems like?

I find this quite slangy. In my world, “seems like” is only used to reflect a similarity to something (using “like” to mean “alike”). If you were shopping for a new computer, you might say “This one seems like the one I looked at yesterday but it’s a lot cheaper.” This isn’t technically incorrect but isn’t idiomatic.

Can we say seems like?

“It seems like” is an incomplete sentence because like has no object. One must specify what “it” seems like. You can say “it seems like that”, or “it seems like it”; personally I think a better translation is to say “it seems so” or “it seems that way.”

Would seem in a sentence?

Rather, it would seem much more felicitous to use it as a reference book, to be dipped into or browsed again and again. Edward is a perpetual student, it would seem, born in the year of the rooster!

What do you mean by seem?

Definition of seem intransitive verb. 1 : to appear to the observation or understanding. 2 : to give the impression of being. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About seem.

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