How do I restore Exchange database from Veritas Backup Exec?

How do I restore Exchange database from Veritas Backup Exec?

How to: Backup Exec – Exchange database Restore to File System

  1. Step 1: Select the exchange server for the restore.
  2. Step 2: Select Microsoft Exchange on “Which type of data to restore” screen.
  3. Step 3: On the “What do you want to restore” screen select Microsoft Exchange Server databases or Storage Groups.

What is Veritas Backup Exec used for?

Veritas Backup Exec is a data protection software product that supports virtual, physical and cloud platforms. Sold by Veritas Technologies LLC, Backup Exec is compatible with most storage devices, including disk, tape and cloud.

How do I create a backup job in Veritas Backup Exec?

Create Backup Job Veritas Backup Exec steps. 1- After adding the vCenter server we’d like to make a backup job. Select Backup and Restore Select Backup then select Backup to Disk. 2- Under vCenter Server properties, click Edit. 3- On the Backup Selections window select VMs which you want to backups and click ok.

How do I restore my Exchange database from NetBackup?

Restoring Exchange mailbox or public folder objects

  1. Log onto the server as Administrator.
  2. Open the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface.
  3. Click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore > from Normal Backup.
  4. Click File > Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type.

Can I restore Exchange Server from backup?

BackupAssist File Protection, File Archiving and System Protection use the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS) to back up your Exchange Server while it is running. BackupAssist can use these backups to restore your Exchange Server or individual storage groups (EDB databases).

What is the latest version of Veritas Backup Exec?

Backup Exec 21.3
Backup Exec 21.3 is the latest version of Veritas’ backup and recovery software, released on September 6, 2021.

How do I restore from Backup Exec tape?

Click on the top menu tab Backup & Restore. Click on the server that the to-restore-media-set is associated with (very important step!) Click the Restore button. Go through the restore work flow.

How do I schedule a backup in Veritas NetBackup?

In the Policy dialog box, click the Schedules tab. To access the Policy dialog box, double-click the policy name in the Policies list in the NetBackup Administration Console. Double-click the schedule that is named Default-Application-Backup. Specify the other properties for the schedule.

How do I restore my Exchange server?

Recover a Lost Exchange Server

  1. Reset the computer account for the lost server.
  2. Install the proper operating system and name the new server with the same name as the lost server.
  3. Join the server to the same domain as the lost server.
  4. Install the necessary prerequisites and operating system components.

What is the latest version of Veritas NetBackup?

Note: The current version of NetBackup is 8.2. If you currently have a support subscription with Veritas, an upgrade may be available for no additional charge.

What is Veritas Application?

It specializes in storage management software including the first commercial journaling file system, VxFS, VxVM, VCS, the personal/small office backup software Backup Exec and the enterprise backup software, NetBackup. Veritas Record Now was an early CD recording software.

How do I restore a Veritas Netbackup backup?

To access the (BAR) interface on a Windows client, on the Windows Start menu, click Programs - Veritas Netbackup - Backup, Archive, and Restore. In the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface, click on the Select for Restore button. This step is most times set by default and you will not need to change or alter it.

  • July 31, 2022