How do I pair my iHome iBT90?

How do I pair my iHome iBT90?

“iHome iBT90” should appear in your device’s Bluetooth menu. If “Not Paired”, “Not Connected” or similar message appears, select “iHome iBT90” to connect it. If prompted for a passcode, enter “1234” on your device’s keypad.

How do I connect my iHome iBT85?

Select “iHome iBT85” to connect it. If prompted for a passcode, enter “1234” on your device’s keypad. If pairing is successful, 1 beep will sound and the Bluetooth status indicator light will appear solid blue (in Color Mode, cabinet will flash blue twice), indicating the iBT85 is ready to play music.

How do I put my iHome speaker into pairing mode?

Hold onto the Play/Pause/Pairing button for 2 seconds. You’ll hear two beeps, and an amber light will begin to flash on the front of the speaker. 4. Check your Android device, and you’ll see “iDM12” located on the screen.

Why is my iHome speaker not connecting?

If your device does not auto-link when within range, re-pair the device. To do so, first delete this unit from your Bluetooth devices menu. Move the Power OFF/Bluetooth/Aux Switch on the unit to the Bluetooth position (center) to begin pairing. Make sure your device is working properly.

How do I connect my iHome speaker to my android?

» Make your Bluetooth device “discoverable” » Power on speaker » The first time the unit is powered on it will enter auto-pairing mode. » To manually pair, press and hold Bluetooth Button for 2 sec. » Select “iHome iBT620” on your device’s Bluetooth menu to complete pairing.

How do I know my iHome is charging?

2. Connect the standard USB plug end of the cable to a power USB port on a computer, a USB AC adaptor or other USB charging device. For first time use, charge unit for about 4 hours. The status indicator LED on top of the unit turns solid red while charging and turns off once unit is fully charged.

How do I connect my iHome to Bluetooth?

Why won’t my iHome speaker connect to my phone?

What happened to iHome?

On April 2nd, device manufacturer iHome shut down its iHome app and iHome cloud service, announcing this quietly with only an in-app notification. The action ends support for several of its iHome branded smart plugs, its smart monitor, motion sensor, leak sensor, and door window sensor.

  • August 6, 2022