How do I get a Glencore learnership?

How do I get a Glencore learnership?

This global company has a variety of resources that it mines.?…Glencore Learnerships Requirements

  1. Matric with relevant trade N2 or N3.
  2. Mathematics and Science.
  3. English, read, write and speak.
  4. Computer literate.
  5. Candidates must not have a permanent employment.
  6. Be self-motivated and a team player.
  7. Must be medically fit.

Who is the owner of Glencore?

Qatar Holding LLC
As Glencore International, the company was already one of the world’s largest integrated producers and marketers of commodities….Glencore.

Type Public limited company
Owner Qatar Holding LLC (9.17%) Ivan Glasenberg (9.10%)
Number of employees 135,000 (2022)

Which market does Glencore operate in?

We market to a broad base of industrial consumers, in sectors such as automotive, steel, semi-fabricators, power generation and oil.

Which country is the largest producer of cobalt?

The world’s largest cobalt-producing countries

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo – 100,000 tonnes.
  2. Russia – 6,100 tonnes.
  3. Australia – 5,100 tonnes.
  4. Philippines – 4,600 tonnes.
  5. Cuba – 3,500 tonnes.
  6. Madagascar – 3,300 tonnes.
  7. Papua New Guinea – 3,100 tonnes.
  8. Canada – 3,000 tonnes.

Is child Labour used to mine cobalt?

Currently, it is still estimated that in the DRC some 40,000 children have to work in these mines to collect this mineral instead of going to school, playing or simply experiencing childhood (Kara, 2018; Courboulay, 2020).

How much do Glencore traders make?

Glencore Graduate Scheme Salary: According to a flier for their graduate program Glencore is offering £40,000 ($62,500) per year as a basic salary at their London office.

Does Glencore mine cobalt?

The operation will produce about 11,000 tons of cobalt a year between 2022 and 2025, with output over the full 20-year mine life expected to average about 76,000 tons copper and 21,000 tons cobalt, the commodity giant said.

What is the price of cobalt today?

LME Cobalt Official Prices

Contract Bid Offer
Cash 69515.00 70015.00
3-month 69960.00 70460.00
15 month 71615.00 72615.00

Do iphones cobalt?

Against this backdrop, Apple, which currently leaves the duty of buying cobalt to the companies that make its batteries, is eager to ensure that it has sufficient supplies of the raw material to see out any potential shortfall. The company uses cobalt to power many of its gadgets, including the iPhone and iPad.

  • October 29, 2022