How can I get place in Tech Mahindra?

How can I get place in Tech Mahindra?

Academic Qualifications of Tech Mahindra

  1. Class 10th Standard : 60% or Above.
  2. Class 12th Standard : 70% Above.
  3. College Graduation : 70% Above CGPA.

Is Tech Mahindra a MNC?

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company. Part of the Mahindra Group, the company is headquartered in Pune and has its registered office in Mumbai. Tech Mahindra is a US$5.2 billion company with over 145,000 employees across 90 countries.

Why do you want to join in Tech Mahindra?

Tech Mahindra offers a good work environment as per the reviews of more than 2000 employees. The tech firm offers a learning and growing environment ensuring the wellbeing of the employees. The colleagues at the tech firm can motivate you to give your best and ensure that all the major aspects are well-covered.

How can I join Tech Mahindra for freshers?

Here are some ways to apply directly:

  1. You can check for available job positions through the Tech Mahindra Career Website.
  2. You can also look for Tech Mahindra walk-in jobs at Job Portals like,, etc.

Is Tech Mahindra easy to crack interview?

The Tech Mahindra Interview Process for freshers is almost similar to that of Experienced except for the difficulty of questions asked in the various rounds and the number of rounds (Experienced Folks may be directly interviewed and may be allowed to skip the first few rounds as decided by the Recruiter).

Which is better Tech Mahindra or Capgemini?

Capgemini is most highly rated for Work/life balance and Tech Mahindra is most highly rated for Work/life balance. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

Which MNC is best for fresher?

Which IT Companies Are Best to Join as Freshers in India?

  • Wipro. One of the leading IT companies in the country, Wipro has over 1,60,000 employees across six continents.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) If you can get a job at TCS, you are settled for life.
  • Tech Mahindra.
  • Cognizant.
  • Infosys.
  • Hexaware.
  • Capgemini.
  • Wrapping it up.

Which company pays more for freshers?

The Indian IT major, Infosys tops the list by offering the highest minimum salary of Rs. 2,07,805 to all the freshers who enter the organisation after completing their graduation. The salary range goes as high as Rs. 6,95,277 per year, making an annual average salary to be Rs.

How many interview rounds are in Tech Mahindra?

Tech Mahindra Recruitment FAQs There are total majorly 5 rounds in the Tech Mahindra recruitment drive.

How many freshers Will Tech Mahindra hire?

Tech Mahindra’s MD and CEO C P Gurnani said that the company hired 5,200 people in the quarter to take its overall strength to over 1.26 lakh, and will continue to hire at the same or an accelerated pace in the remaining fiscal year as well.

Which company is best for freshers in Bangalore?

The top 15 IT/Software companies in Bangalore for freshers and experienced candidates are:

  • Tech Mahindra.
  • Mphasis.
  • IBM.
  • Dell EMC.
  • ITC Infotech India Ltd.
  • Wipro Technologies Ltd.
  • Mindtree Ltd.
  • Intuit.
  • August 29, 2022