Does the P-Shot help with ED?

Does the P-Shot help with ED?

The good news is that the P-Shot can help stop erectile dysfunction while improving your sexual stamina and sensation. Not only does the P-Shot combat ED, it can also boost your self-esteem.

How many inches does the P-Shot add?

Results vary widely when it comes to gaining length or girth with the P-shot. Some men experience up to 1.3 inches of length and 1.1 inches of girth, but some may not experience any size changes. About 40% of men experience 20% of growth. So, your size experience is based on your initial size prior to treatment.

How long does the Priapus Shot last?

Unlike many fast-acting, temporary treatments for male enhancement, the P-Shot is a treatment that provides noticeable results within one to six weeks with results that can last for up to two years.

How much does the P-Shot cost?

The average cost of the P-Shot is around $1,800-$2,400, but the final cost may vary based on your specific needs. It is an elective procedure that is not covered by insurance, so patients pay for treatment out-of-pocket.

How long does it take for the P Shot to work?

Getting used to the effects Expect to wait about 2 – 6 weeks for the full results of the P-Shot to become noticeable. You might experience a slight improvement in your sexual performance and your ability to attain an erection after a few days. But the full results won’t be ready until a few weeks after that point.

Are P Shot size results permanent?

All patients looking to benefit from this treatment ask one hopeful question: are the results permanent? The short answer is no, the results are not a permanent fix for male sexual health dysfunction.

Does P Shot work on older men?

The P Shot is an FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). There is almost no limit to who can receive the treatment, and it works for people of all ages. This matters because erectile dysfunction is not a problem limited to the elderly.

Is the P-Shot painful?

The short answer is: No. Most men will feel something when we move the penis to provide the best position for the injection, and some patients feel some pressure as the platelet rich plasma and growth factors are injected into the penis.

How long does it take P-Shot to work?

How many p shots do you need?

HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE RECOMMENDED? 1 treatment produces results that are satisfactory for most men. If erectile function is severely impaired, improvements may be sufficient after 1 treatment or additional treatment may be desirable to achieve more results.

How often should you get the P Shot?

How Frequently Will You Need Treatment? We generally recommend men have a regularly scheduled annual treatment once a year to maintain the results of this treatment. However, some men will require secondary initial treatments to begin noticing results, which usually take place within 3 months after the first treatment.

How long does P-Shot take to work?

What are the side effects of P-Shot?

As we mentioned, there are no side effects of the P-Shot in most patients. You may experience minimal soreness at the injection site that only lasts a couple of hours. Men notice stronger and larger erections almost right away.

How long does it take the P Shot to work?

How long does it take for P Shot to work?

  • September 16, 2022