Does Nikolai Fraiture use a pick?

Does Nikolai Fraiture use a pick?

Fender Classic Celluloid Picks 346 Heavy On the 18th of December 2012, Nikolai Fraiture replied to a fan’s question asking what picks he used. He replied “that one” The question, originally in French, has been translated on Twitter’s website.

What Bass does the strokes play?

Nikolai Philippe Fraiture
Nikolai Philippe Fraiture (born November 13, 1978) is an American musician best known as the bassist of the American rock band The Strokes….

Nikolai Fraiture
Instruments Bass guitar vocals
Years active 1998–present
Labels Rough Trade RCA Sony BMG Rykodisc Cult

What pedal did the Strokes use?

Effects Pedals Throughout the recording of Is This It and Room on Fire, the dynamic duo made use of nothing more than a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive overdrive/distortion pedal, as well as an MXR Micro Amp for lead passages and guitar solos.

What mic did The Strokes use?

“There were two techniques,” explains Gordon. “One consisted of an Audio-Technica 4033A mic going through the Avalon 737, and I would usually work with Julian for an hour just to get the voice tone.

What amp does Albert Hammond Jr use?

Albert and Nick from The Strokes use the Fender Hot Rod Deville 2×12 as their main recording and live amp. It can be seen throughout the video.

What amp does Nick Valensi use?

Valensi’s main amplifier is a 2×12″ Fender Hot Rod DeVille, used with Fender 4×12″ extension cabinets during live shows.

What microphone does Julian Casablancas use?

Shure Beta 58A Vocal Microphone.

What mic did the Strokes use?

What AMP does Nick Valensi use?

What AMP does Albert Hammond Jr use?

How do you sound like Al Jourgensen?

The Al Jourgensen vocal sound? Yeah, you take a [dbx] 160 and turn the threshold all the way off, then you turn the ratio all the way down so there’s no compression at all, and then turn the output all the way up to where it distorts.

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