Did Frank Miller Draw Batman?

Did Frank Miller Draw Batman?

He created the comic book character Elektra for Marvel Comics’ Daredevil series….

Frank Miller
Area(s) Writer, penciller, inker, film director
Notable works The Dark Knight Returns Batman: Year One Daredevil Elektra Wolverine Ronin 300 Sin City Cursed
Awards Awards

How do I contact Frank Miller?

Contact Frank

  1. @frankmiller_official.
  2. @frankmillerink.
  3. For Commissions and Signings. www.comicsketchart.com.

What is Frank Miller doing now?

Miller is returning to the world of his acclaimed noir series Sin City with a Western tale set in the city’s past, titled Sin City 1858. Ronin Book Two is a follow-up to the six-issue miniseries originally published by DC in 1983 and 1984 and focused on a ronin reincarnated in a bleak future.

How old is Frank Miller?

65 years (January 27, 1957)Frank Miller / Age

How accurate is The Dark Knight Returns?

It’s a GREAT Adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns It’s an extremely accurate adaptation. There are some slight deviations—tweaked dialogue and extended scenes—but it all enhances the story for film and allows both comic book and film to stand on equal footing of greatness in their respective mediums.

How much money does Frank Miller make?

Frank Miller Net Worth: Frank Miller is an American comic book artist, writer, and film director who has a net worth of $25 million.

How old is Batman in The Dark Knight Returns?

Plot. The Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian version of Gotham City in 1986. Bruce Wayne, aged 55, has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd ten years prior.

Will there be a Dark Knight Returns Part 3?

DC Announces The Dark Knight Returns 3: The Master Race.

Who is the richest comic writer?

Top 10 Richest Comic Book Authors

  • Stan Lee $50 – 80 million.
  • Akira Toriyama $45 million.
  • Frank Miller $45 million.
  • Naoko Takeuchi $33 million.
  • Mark Millar $25 million.
  • Robert Kirkman $20 million.
  • Kevin Eastman $20 million Peter Laird $20 million.
  • Joe Quesada $10 million.
  • September 17, 2022