Can you stop Chloe from dying in Life is Strange?

Can you stop Chloe from dying in Life is Strange?

If you decide to sacrifice Chloe, then time rewinds and it’s Nathan that kills her. If you decide to sacrifice the town, then Nathan dies at the hands of Mr Jefferson.

Does Chloe come back to life Life is Strange?

Chloe features again in the franchise as the playable protagonist in Before the Storm (the prequel to the events of Life is Strange) and is most recently mentioned in the fifth episode of Life is Strange 2 and the bonus chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors.

Why is Chloe disabled in Life is Strange?

Unfortunately, one day while Chloe was driving this vehicle, an SUV cuts her off. She then crashes into a ditch and severely damages her spine in the process. From that day onwards, she spends her life during this alternate timeline in a wheelchair.

What happens to Chloe Price?

When Max returns to Arcadia Bay, Chloe is shot and killed by Nathan Prescott, a member of the Prescott Family. Her death triggers Max’s ability to time travel and rekindles their friendship.

Can you save Chloe’s dad?

Chloe’s father can no longer hear the locator beeper going off, so he won’t take the fatal car journey in this reality. Players will have successfully saved William, and the episode will end soon—but not without offering up a surprise to two.

Will we ever see Chloe and Max again?

Despite Life Is Strange’s successful past entries, it is unlikely that players will ever see Chloe and Max together again in a new game. Life is Strange is a masterpiece for its target market, with in-depth writing and a nostalgic atmosphere.

Can Chloe be saved?

If Chloe is sacrificed to save Arcadia Bay from the oncoming tornado, Max will use the butterfly photo to travel back to the moment Nathan shot Chloe in Episode 1 of Life is Strange. Instead of stopping him, she will not intervene, and Chloe will die.

What happens if you take the blame for Chloe?

Consequences of Blaming Chloe in Life is Strange If players choose to blame Chloe for the weed in Life is Strange, David will hit her and Chloe will be very upset with Max. Blaming her also makes it impossible for the pair to fall in love with each other during the story.

  • July 28, 2022