Are artley flutes good?

Are artley flutes good?

He’s right that you can buy a more modern flute that probably is easier to play in tune than than a lot of older “pro” flutes. However, at the time, the Artley Wilkins was the top end flute made by Artley. The quality was very good and was often considered to be on par with Haynes and Powell flutes of the same era.

What is an Artley flute worth?

The Artley Symphony model flute was an OK flute for it’s time, but today they are not really in demand because more modern flutes generally play better. If you looked at eBay, you probably saw asking prices ranging from $80 to about $450.

Are artley flutes silver?

This used Artley flute #12797 has a sterling silver headjoint and body with silver-plated keys. It is open hole with inline G, Y arms and C footjoint….Artley Flute #12797.

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How old is my Artley flute?

Note: From 1983 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate to year of manufacture. Note: From 1983 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture.

Where is the serial number on an Artley flute?

Serial number is 2081, which is located on the head and middle section. No other numbers appear on the flute in any of the sections.

Where is the serial number located on an Artley flute?

Are artley clarinets good?

Although they’re very utilitarian in design and the build quality isn’t great, they’re not bad instruments, they’re fairly sturdy, they have a pretty good tone and intonation and they’re ideal for players with small hands. And you’re much better off with a used Artley than a brand new CSO. Chris. Re: ARTLEY CLARINET.

Which flute is used by professionals?

Normally for a classical concert E base flute is used by professional flutists. However, this is not hard and fast, the player selects the scale based on the composition and also the occassion. Most of the concert is done in E bass for classical music.

What is the most expensive flute?

William Kincaid’s Verne Q. Powell Flute In 1986, this flute was sold at auction for $187,000. While this is far less than some of the world’s most expensive instruments, such as Bill Wyman’s 1969 Fender Mustang bass guitar, it is still the most expensive flute in the world.

Who made artley clarinets?

Donald Artley
Donald Artley began making student level instruments in the late 1930s.

What flutes do professionals play?

Editor’s Choice: Yamaha 677H. “Made of sterling silver this professional flute with a bright sound has a B footjoint and a pointed key arm.”

  • Best Open Hole Professional Flute: Azumi AZ3.
  • Best Alto Professional Flute: Jupiter 519S.
  • Best Piccolo Professional Flute: Pearl PFP-165E.
  • Budget Pick: Gemeinhardt 33OSB.
  • Which flute is best for advanced players?

    Our Pick of the Best 5 Flutes

    1. Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute with Straight Headjoint. Editor’s Choice – Great Flute for Beginners and Intermediate Players.
    2. Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute.
    3. Pearl 525RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute.
    4. Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute.
    5. Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute.

    What kind of flute does Artley make?

    VINTAGE ARTLEY ARTIST FLUTE WITH CASE, SOLID STERLING SILVER, ELKHART, IN. ARTLEY ARTIST FLUTE WITH CASE. SOLID STERLING SILVER This Artley Artist flute was made in Elkhart. In. in 1963. Artley is a well-respected American flutemaker, dating back to the 1940’s. This flute is in very good condition.

    Is this vintage Artley Elkhart flute for bid?

    Up for bid is a vintage Artley silver colored flute. This beauty is in very nice condition with no apparent damage and just the smallest scratches and dings. It is marked Artley Elkhart-Ind. 141060.

    How to tell if an Artley silver head Symphony flute has been abused?

    Vintage Artley Silver Head Symphony Flute for parts or repair: serial 30355. Marked Silver on the headjoint. It does not look to have ever been abused or repaired but as the pics show. There is surface wear as shown and it is dirty. The only ding is a tiny one on the back of the headjoint. The keywork feels good but shows some wear.

    Is my Artley 9-0 open hole flute in good condition?

    THIS WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE TO RECEIVE. Listing is for a vintage Artley 9-0 open hole flute. We had a local school band director look over the flute recently. She stated the flute is in good condition, springs are in working order and pads are in decent shape, just needs some fine detailing as flute does show normal wear for a flute of this age.

    • August 13, 2022