Why does Aru Akise kiss Yuki?

Why does Aru Akise kiss Yuki?

He kissed Yukiteru to make Yuno jealous and charge at him.

Does akise ARU like Yuki?

Akise quickly falls in love with Yukiteru, and wishes for him to become the next God. He is also the main character of the spin-off manga Future Diary: Paradox, where he and Muru Muru replace Yuki and Yuno in the survival game after Muru Muru accidentally kills Yuno Gasai while Yukiteru is injured.

How old is akise ARU?

14 years old
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Aru Akise
Other Name(s) “The Observer” (by Deus Ex Machina)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 14 years old

Is Aru Akise human?

Thus, Aru Akise was born into the human world. Certainly he didn’t know that he was only made to watch Yukiteru. Aru grew up in Japan as a normal human being with a normal upraising. He was always a smart child, a quiet, good one.

Does Future Diary have a happy ending?

This leads tragically to the show’s ending where he is the only thing that exists in an empty universe although his actions rippled into the third timeline and gave everybody (His third timeline counterpart included) a happy ending. The show has an open ending that perhaps Yuno finds her way back to him.

How old is Yuki Mirai Nikki?

The main male protagonist of the series and the First diary user. Also known as Yuki, he is a 14-year-old middle school student who observes those around him as a bystander and writes it down in his cell phone diary.

Who dies in Future Diary?

Order of Elimination

  • Third: Takao Hiyama – His diary was broken by Yukiteru and Yuno.
  • Fifth: Reisuke Houjou – Shown being strangled by Yuno in the anime’s twenty-third episode.
  • Twelfth: Yomotsu Hirasaka – Shown being stabbed by Yuno in the anime’s twenty-third episode.
  • Sixth: Tsubaki Kasugano.

Is Yuno Gasai a God?

Yuno also possesses divine powers from winning the first Diary Game and inheriting the throne of God.

Does Future Diary have romance?

Mirai Nikki is a brilliant mix of a Psychological Thriller, Action, and Romance.

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