Why are there no new episodes of The Block NZ?

Why are there no new episodes of The Block NZ?

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions put in place, the season was postponed until 2021, with production pausing on 23 March 2020, at the start of the third week, and resuming on 19 April 2021.

When was The Block 2021 NZ filmed?

The Block NZ premieres with footage filmed sometime in summer 2019/20, well before the Covid-19 lockdown stopped the builds. Four new teams arrive in Auckland’s Point Chevalier, ready to unleash their creativity on four partially built and enormous new homes. The teams meet for the first time (Photo: Three).

Where is The Block NZ 2021?

Auckland’s Pt Chev
The four family homes are in Auckland’s Pt Chev, one of the city’s hottest suburbs, and feature some very different styles and design choices. The listing for each home is officially live on OneRoof.co.nz, giving potential buyers and real estate fans a closer look at some of the rooms that have been revealed so far.

How long is The Block NZ?

60 – 120 minutes

The Block NZ
Running time 60 – 120 minutes
Production company Warner Bros. International Television Production
Original network Three

What happened to The Block 2021?

Exactly what happened during The Block finale. Sadly, Ronnie and Georgia came last in the end after their home sold for $3,696,000. They earned a $296,000 profit.

Who won the 2021 block NZ?

Tim & Arty
Blue team’s Tim & Arty were crowned the 2021 winners after House #4 sold for $2,825,000 – a whopping $660,000 above their reserve. On top of their profit, they also pocketed another $100,000 as part of the grand prize.

Is The Block NZ 2021 finished?

The Block NZ confirms the rescheduled Grand Auction Final date for 2021. After numerous delays from COVID-19 and regional lockdowns, the longest ever season of The Block NZ 2021 is finally getting its Grand Auction Final on Sunday November 14, 7pm on Three.

What happened to Jana from The Block?

So when her Team Purple partner and bestie Janah Kingi decided to quit The Block NZ after Covid-19 hit, the Papamoa-based mum-of-three wasted no time finding a suitable replacement – and who better than her fellow former army buddy Connie King?

Who won Block 2021 NZ?

How did Tanya cheat on The Block?

On Sunday’s finale episode of The Block, Tanya Guccione finally admitted she and husband Vita cheated after she took a photo of the production schedule. While the contestant was brought to tears of regret after making her confession, fans watching at home were not amused.

Who wins The Block 2021 NZ?

Who bought Ronnie and Georgias house?

The fan favourite’s house was purchased for $4.04 million by buyers advocate Danny Wallace, who also snapped up their party pad at The Oslo back in 2019.

How much did each couple win on The Block 2021?

Sydney couple Mitch and Mark were named the winners of The Block Fans v Faves 2021, taking home $744,444 in prize money, after selling their cottage-style three-bedroom house for $4,044,444, which was $644,444 above the reserve, and taking home an additional $100,000 for the largest total over the reserve.

Why did Connie leave the block?

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