Who wrote Singapore law?

Who wrote Singapore law?

1985 Rev. Ed., 1999 Rep. Republic of Singapore Independence Act 1965 (No. 9 of 1965, 1985 Rev….Subjects dealt with by the Constitution.

Part Subject
I. Preliminary
II. The Republic and the Constitution
III. Protection of the sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore

What is the supreme law of Singapore?

Under Article 4 of the Singapore Constitution, the Singapore Constitution is the supreme law of the land; all other laws that are passed must not be in conflict with the Singapore Constitution.

What is company constitution Singapore?

The constitution is a legal document which spells out the rules and regulations on how the company should be governed. It states the rights and responsibilities of the directors, shareholders and company secretary. The constitution must contain the following information: Company’s name and registered office address.

What does the word constitution?

Definition of constitution 1a : the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it. b : a written instrument embodying the rules of a political or social organization.

Does Singapore follow English law?

Being a former British colony, the legal system in Singapore is based on the English common law. All Singapore citizens are equal in the eyes of law irrespective of their race, religion and creed.

Who runs Singapore?

President of Singapore

President of the Republic of Singapore
Presidential Standard
Incumbent Halimah Yacob since 14 September 2017
Style Madam President (informal) Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Type Head of state

What happens if you breach company constitution?

The constitution acts as a contract between the company, its directors and its members (who are commonly referred to as shareholders). If someone breaches the rules of a company’s constitution, the other company directors or shareholders can take the dispute to court to have it resolved.

Who wrote the first constitution in the world?

First country to make the constitution: USA The US constitution is made of seven articles, a preamble, and a closing endorsement. In addition, the constitution has a Bill of Rights and several amendments.

Was Singapore a British colony?

The Colony of Singapore was a British Crown colony for a total of 140 years, interrupted by Japanese invasion during World War II. The Empire of Japan surrendered to the Allies at the end of World War II and Singapore was returned to British rule in 1945.

Who can bring a claim for breach of director’s duties?

It’s not only shareholders who can make a claim for a breach of directors’ duties, other directors of the company can also make a claim. Individual directors can even bring a claim against a whole board of directors as long as it’s done in the company’s name and to recoup the company’s loss.

  • July 28, 2022