Who is the girl in Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box?

Who is the girl in Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box?

Kesley Rohr
The Foo Fighters frontman has once again revisited the days of his breakout band, meeting up with Kesley Rohr, the actress who played the girl in Nirvana’s last ever music video, “Heart-Shaped Box”.

Did Nirvana ever do SNL?

On Jan. 11, 1992, Nirvana achieved the unthinkable, when their album Nevermind knocked Michael Jackson out of No. 1 on the Billboard chart. The accomplishment just happened to coincide with the band’s first performance on Saturday Night Live.

When did Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box come out?

1993Heart-Shaped Box / Released

Heart-Shaped Box was released on 30 August 1993 but was a glint in Kurt Cobain’s eye at least a year before when he wrote the track in early 1992.

What episode of SNL was Nirvana on?

The 316th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Rob Morrow with musical guest Nirvana….January 11, 1992.

January 11, 1992 Season 17 episode
Host Rob Morrow
Musical Guest(s) Nirvana
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) “Smells Like Teen Spirit” “Territorial Pissings”

Did Courtney Love write Nirvana songs?

He wrote one B-side for Hole (“Old Age”), uncredited. And that was it. It would be just as accurate – and misleading – to say that Courtney Love wrote most of Nirvana’s third album, In Utero: you can certainly see her influence in Kurt’s lyrics.

Why did Nirvana kiss on SNL?

At the end of the show, Krist Novoselic started kissing Dave Grohl and then kissed Kurt Cobain. The band members wanted bug homophobic people by showing three guys kissing each other on live TV and that it’s okay to show affection to one another regardless of sexual orientation.

Why did Krist Novoselic kiss Dave Grohl?

Was Kurt Cobain tall?

5′ 9″Kurt Cobain / Height

What does Nirvana symbol mean?

The logo was previously attributed to Kurt Cobain, and it’s long been thought that he was inspired by a similar googly-eyed face that appeared on the marquee of the notorious Seattle strip club, The Lusty Lady. The marquee was also regularly boast terrible puns based on the smutty activity taking place within.

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