Which group was on Veejay Records?

Which group was on Veejay Records?

The Rise and Fall of Vee-Jay Records It’s not often that you hear of a record company being destroyed by success, but that was the fate of one of America’s most prominent soul labels, Vee-Jay Records. They recorded John Lee Hooker, the Four Seasons and Betty Everett, but the music has been unavailable for decades.

Who owns Vee-Jay Records?

Vee-Jay Records is an American record label founded in the 1950s, located in Chicago and specializing in blues, jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll….

Vee-Jay Records
Parent company Concord
Founded 1953
Founder Vivian Carter, James C. Bracken
Genre Jazz, blues, rock, R&B, disco

Where was Vee-Jay Records located?

Founded in Gary, Indiana by husband-and-wife team Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken (“V” and “J”), VEE-JAY quickly became a top indie label that regularly turned out superb R&B, urban blues, (and later) jazz, folk and gospel recordings.

What are Vee jays?

Veejay may refer to: VJ (media personality), a television announcer who introduces music videos. Veejay (software), a video instrument mixer and sampler for real-time performances.

What was the first black record label?

Black Swan Records
How The First Black-Owned Record Label, Black Swan, Was Obscured By History Decades before Motown, Black Swan Records was the world’s first major Black-owned record label.

Is Stax Records still in business?

In 1975, Stax closed its doors. The record company was being house in the Old Capitol Theatre on East McLemore, but that building would soon be demolished. Al Bell remembers that time vividly.

Who were the first djs of MTV?

The original VJs look back, 40 years later: ‘The first 24 hours of MTV were held together by duct tape’ At midnight on Aug. 1, 1981, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and J.J. Jackson stood inside the Loft restaurant in Fort Lee, N.J., to watch music history being made.

Who was the first MTV DJ?

Birmingham native Alan Hunter became the first video jockey to appear on MTV 40 years ago today when a technical glitch caused him to introduce his fellow VJs at midnight on Aug. 1, 1981.

Why did Black Swan Records fail?

The success of race records led to costly competition and price cutting by white-owned labels such as Okeh, Paramount and Columbia. Many African-Americans, especially from the entertainment community, resented Pace for breaking his promise of an all-Black recording company.

Does Black Swan records still exist?

Paramount discontinued the Black Swan label a short time later. The Black Swan label was revived in the 1990s for a series of CD reissues of historic jazz and blues recordings originally issued on Black Swan and Paramount.

Who was Staxs most successful recording artist?

Though the label had enjoyed some early hits with the Mar-Keys and Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Redding became the first Stax/Volt artist to consistently hit the charts with each release—in fact, each of Redding’s 17 singles issued during his lifetime charted.

Who is the most famous VJ?

1. Alan Hunter: MTV VJ from 1981 until 1987. All the original MTV VJs get a spot on the list of favorites, but Alan Hunter has a special piece of history, as he was the first of the five VJs to speak on the network, according to an interview with TIME and details from a book Hunter co-authored about the launch of MTV.

Who is the oldest MTV VJ?

Nina Blackwood, 65 That’s where she records her segments for satellite radio, as well as her syndicated shows for terrestrial radio, including Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s.

What music video broke the color barrier on MTV *?

Billie Jean.
Today, we’re looking at Michael Jackson breaking color barriers at MTV with his smash-hit “Billie Jean.”

Who was the first black person to own a record label?

This philosophy, while well-intentioned, would cause the company to struggle throughout its three-year run. Founded in New York in 1921, Black Swan was the first black-owned record company in the country.

Who did Harry pace marry?

In Memphis, Pace also met and married Ethylene Bibb. Pace and Handy founded the Pace and Handy Music Company, which brought Pace to New York City.

Who was the first black man to own a record label?

Harry Pace started the first major Black-owned record label in the U.S., but his achievements went mostly unnoticed until recently, when his descendants uncovered his secret history.” A century ago, around the dawn of the Harlem Renaissance, New York City was brimming with music.

What is the Stax sound?

Music Features Stax Records Compared to the polished, pop-influenced soul music produced by its main rival, Detroit’s Motown Records, Stax delivered distinctly Southern soul music that drew upon significant influences from the blues, country and gospel music.

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