Where is shock jockey in BioShock Infinite?

Where is shock jockey in BioShock Infinite?

In the downloadable content Clash in the Clouds, Shock Jockey can be purchased from the vending machines in the Columbian Archeological Society for 500 Silver Eagles.

Is there a difficulty achievement for BioShock Infinite?

Difficulty Achievements The following achievements are earned for completing BioShock Infinite on one of its set difficulty levels: Tin Soldier: Complete the game on Easy or higher. Saw the Elephant: Complete the game on Normal or Higher. Stone Cold Pinkerton: Complete the game on Hard or higher (Including 1999 Mode)

What is shock jockey?

noun. informal a radio disc jockey who is deliberately controversial or provocative.

What are the hidden achievements in BioShock Infinite?

Game Progress (Secret Achievements and Trophies)

Name Description Gamer points
Working Class Hero Completed Factory. 25G
Blood in the Streets Completed Emporia. 25G
Higher Learning Completed Comstock House. 25G
The Bird or The Cage Completed The Hand of the Prophet. 25G

Is Sonic Boom good in BioShock?

Sonic Boom can be an effective replacement for Telekinesis, both in combat and practical use, as it can blast multiple objects into Splicers for heavy damage. It can also be used to blast Frag Grenades long-distance after fired with the Grenade Launcher, or to drive enemies into a trap.

Where can I buy undertow?

Undertow is the seventh Vigor the player comes across in the game. A bottle of it is found in Jeremiah Fink’s office right before facing Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi at the summit of Fink Manufacturing.

How do you get the RAM vigor in Bioshock Infinite?

This vigor is gotten after you use the tear in the police station and exit Shantytown. Before you go out into the open where a sniper is go into that little room and in the center you get this power. This will let you dash towards enemies and hit them, even at a far distance.

Do shock jocks still exist?

Many shock jocks have been fired as a result of such punishments as regulatory fines, loss of advertisers, or simply social and political outrage. On the other hand, it is also not uncommon for such broadcasters to be quickly rehired by another station or network.

  • August 11, 2022