Where is Ray Hudson from?

Where is Ray Hudson from?

Gateshead, United KingdomRay Hudson / Place of birthGateshead is a large town in northern England. It is on the River Tyne’s southern bank, opposite Newcastle to which it is joined by seven bridges. The town is famous for contemporary art and architecture such as the Millennium Bridge, The Sage, and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. Wikipedia

Who is the guy that yells goal?

Andrés Cantor (born December 22, 1962) is an Argentine-American sportscaster and pundit who works in the United States providing Spanish-language commentary and analysis in sports. Cantor is well known among English-speakers for his narration of soccer matches and shouting “¡Gol!” when one is scored.

How old is Roy Hudson?

67 years (March 24, 1955)Ray Hudson / Age

Who is Phil Schoen?

Phil Schoen – President – VoiceGoals | LinkedIn.

Who is the funny Scottish soccer commentator?

Derek Rae

Nationality Scottish
Occupation Football commentator
Employer ESPN and ABC (United States) Deutsche Fußball Liga (Worldwide)
Known for Current FIFA commentator

Who shouted Agueroooo?

Martin Tyler’s
Sergio Aguero’s effort will stand as one of the most iconic moments in English football history, and it was accompanied by some equally iconic commentary. Martin Tyler’s shout of “Aguerooooo!” is so intrinsically related to the moment that fans even had it printed on their shirts.

Who did the Aguero call?

commentator Martin Tyler
93:20 have become numerals that will forever be associated with Sergio Aguero, but the man behind the microphone that fateful day in 2012 couldn’t have described the goal, the celebration, or the seismic shift from utter devastation to delirium better than legendary Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler.

Who is George D Metellus?

George D. Metellus is a Sports Broadcaster and On-Air Personality for beIN Sports USA. Borderline Salty is a weekly podcast hosted by Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martinez.

Who is commentating the Old Firm?

Ian Crocker (commentator)

Ian Crocker
Born 1965
Alma mater Broadway Secondary School.
Occupation Football Commentator

Who is the commentator on England Scotland?

Derek Rae

Born 9 April 1967 Aberdeen, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Football commentator
Employer ESPN and ABC (United States) Deutsche Fußball Liga (Worldwide)

Who did the Agüero call?

Who is the richest commentator?

1. Jim Rome – $30 million.

Who is best commentator in the world?

Ray Hudson: The Best Commentator in the World.

  • October 10, 2022