When did the Sixers change their logo?

When did the Sixers change their logo?

1963 – 1977 The club relocates to Philadelphia and changes its name to 76ers in 1963. The new badge for the team was designed in the same year by Mel Richman. It was a bold and smooth “76” in red and blue, with the blue ring, formed by thirteen solid stars placed above the “7”.

Why did the 76ers change their logo?

In a well-intentioned move to “modernize” the logo, and uniforms, the attempt was, to say the least, a failure. It had incorporated no form of the classic look of one of the most historic teams in NBA history. Along with the logo, the same red, white, and blue color scheme will become the new uniforms of the team.

What do the stars mean on the 76ers logo?

The 76ers have always been closely identified with the logo featuring the number “76” with “13” stars arranged in a circle above the number “7” to represent the original “13” American colonies.

What’s the snake on the 76ers logo?

Playing off of a famous political cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin, the snake is the imagery of “Join, or Die,” a rallying cry to pre-independence United States. The 76ers adopted the image as homage to Philadelphia in 2018 during the team’s playoff run as part of the “Phila Unite” marketing campaign.

What is the 76ers mascot?

Franklin the DogPhiladelphia 76ers / Mascot
What is the 76ers mascot? Philadelphia’s mascot is Franklin, a blue dog who the team introduced back in 2015. The team decided to have a “kids-only Chief Design Team” lead the search for a new mascot.

What does 76ers stand for in Philadelphia?

Often referred to simply as the Sixers, the team is the oldest franchise in the NBA and is named for the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

What’s the snake on the 76ers court?

The image accompanied Franklin’s persuasive editorial about the “disunited state,” delivering a message during the French and Indian War that America would be strongest if united. Back then, word was a severed snake could be resurrected if the pieces were reattached before sunset.

Why does 76ers jersey have 7 stars?

All three uniforms have a column of stars down each side of the jerseys and shorts (seven on one side and six on the other) to represent the 1976-77 look in part designed by Cunningham.

Is a 76er a snake?

The Sixers reworked their throwback bell logo, which is an homage to the Liberty Bell and the 1976 bicentennial celebration, to add the segmented snake. The snake comes from a 1754 political cartoon published by Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper.

Why is the Sixers mascot a dog?

The name “Franklin” is a reference to Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin, and the fact that Franklin is a fuzzy blue dog doesn’t have anything to do with anything. The 76ers figured the mascot would be for kids, so they asked a ton of local kids who the mascot should be. Turns out kids really love fuzzy blue dogs.

Why is the 76ers mascot a dog?

What does 76ers stand for?

Why do Sixers jerseys say Phila?

Each uniform also has a patch that says “PHILA TOUGH” at the bottom of the jersey as a nod to the city and fans.

What is on the Sixers jersey?

The uniform, with a navy-blue base color, features a red, 1970s-style “Sixers” wordmark across the chest, which was inspired by a similar concept used in an arching fashion on 76ers uniforms from 1971-76.

Why do 76ers have a snake on the court?

Why are the 76ers called that?

Often referred to simply as the Sixers, the team is the oldest franchise in the NBA and is named for the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. The team was founded in 1939 in Syracuse, New York, as the Nationals but perhaps was better known as simply the Nats.

  • September 17, 2022