What year was the All-Star Game in Milwaukee?

What year was the All-Star Game in Milwaukee?

The game was held on July 9, 2002 at Miller Park, now named American Family Field, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers of the NL.

When did the All-Star Game tie?

It was the first tie in All-Star play since a game in 1961 was stopped by rain….2002 All-Star Game.

2002 All-Star Official Program Alex Rodriguez Edition
2002 All-Star Official Program Randy Johnson Edition 2002 All-Star Official Program Robin Yount Edition

Who won the AL West in 2002?

Anaheim Angels
(4) Anaheim Angels (Wild Card, 99–63): Angels win series, 3–1. (2) Oakland Athletics (Western Division champion, 103–59) vs….

2002 American League Division Series
Television ABC Family
TV announcers Jon Miller, Joe Morgan (Games 1–2, 5) Dave O’Brien, Tony Gwynn, Rick Sutcliffe (Games 3–4)

Who had the game winning homerun in the 2003 All-Star game and who did he hit it off of?

July 15, 2003: Hank Blalock’s blast gives AL 9-7 win in the All-Star Game ‘that counts’ After the 2002 All-Star Snafu in Milwaukee — which ended in a tie when the National League ran out of pitchers — Major League Baseball took steps to prevent a recurrence.

Has the NBA All-Star Game been in Milwaukee?

The 1977 NBA All-Star Game was played on February 13, 1977, at MECCA Arena in Milwaukee, home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Who won the 2002 All-Star Game?

The West defeated the East 135–120, with Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers winning the Most Valuable Player….2002 NBA All-Star Game.

Date February 10, 2002
Arena First Union Center
City Philadelphia
MVP Kobe Bryant
NBA All-Star Game

Why did MLB have 2 All-Star games?

There were two All-Star Games played each season from 1959 through 1962. The second game was added to raise money for the MLB players’ pension funds, as well as other causes. The experiment was later abandoned on the grounds that having two games watered down the appeal of the event.

Who broke the A’s winning streak in 2002?

the Minnesota Twins
In 2002 the Oakland A’s won 20 consecutive games, setting an American League record. The A’s went on to win the AL West with a record of 103-59, though they lost in the division series to the Twins in 5 games. The manager at the time was Art Howe. On September 6th the Minnesota Twins shutout the A’s to end the streak.

Who broke the A’s winning streak?

The home run clinched the AL-record 20th consecutive victory for the Athletics. Oakland’s streak came to an end with a 6–0 loss to the Minnesota Twins on September 6.

Who hit the longest home run in All-Star Game history?

Reggie’s mammoth All-Star homer Sure, Tiger Stadium was a famously hitter-friendly ballpark, especially for lefties. The right-field fence sat just 325 feet from home plate, and Jackson wasn’t the only man to leave the stadium entirely.

What hotel do NBA teams stay at in Milwaukee?

The Pfister is where most visiting pro sports teams stay when in Milwaukee.

Who won the 2001 All-Star Game?

Allen Iverson was named the game’s Most Valuable Player after he rallied the East to garner an improbable 111–110 comeback victory over the West….2001 NBA All-Star Game.

Date February 11, 2001
Arena MCI Center
City Washington, D.C.
MVP Allen Iverson
NBA All-Star Game

Did Michael Jordan play in the 2001 NBA All-Star Game?

Michael Jordan missed a dunk in the 2002 NBA All-Star Game After spending three seasons in retirement, Michael Jordan returned to basketball for the 2001-02 season. Because the NBA All-Star Game is a popularity contest, Jordan was among the players elected to a starting position.

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