What Jedi erased Kamino from the archive?

What Jedi erased Kamino from the archive?

To ensure that it stayed a secret, Dooku erased all records of the planet Kamino from the Jedi Archives, along with thirty-seven additional systems, including Dagobah and Dromund, that Sidious had judged to be of potential value to the Sith—this all being done after having publicly renounced and left the Jedi Order.

Why was Kamino not in the Jedi Archives?

There was only one Sith, Palpatine, who had access to The Jedi Temple. So, clearly, Palpatine was behind all these things. Palpatine needed the Clone Army to execute order 66 and beat the Jedi Order. So, he ordered it & erased the Kamino system from the Jedi Archives.

Who tampered with the Jedi Archives?

“Then, from the Jedi archives erased Kamino, he did. Of that tampering, proof Master Jocasta Nu found — proof of Dooku’s action, though well concealed it was.” By removing Kamino from the archives, Dooku was able to hide the work he hijacked from Sifo-Dyas and create a clone army that would one day serve the Sith.

What happened to the Jedi Archives?

The Imperial Security Bureau took control of the remaining secrets within the Archives, removing all Jedi-related material and destroying much of their history in the process within a year of the library’s seizure.

Was the Jedi Temple on Coruscant destroyed?

Jointly operated by the Order and the Galactic Republic, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies, with very few public areas. The complex would be abandoned and largely destroyed at the time of the Declaration of a New Order when the Order was utterly routed by the Galactic Empire.

Is the Jedi Temple still on Coruscant?

With the Empire triumphant, the Jedi Temple’s spires still rose into the Coruscant skies. But the building was now the Imperial Palace, home to the Sith Lord who had destroyed the Jedi.

Did grievous know Palpatine was Sidious?

“It was not time,” Darth Sidious replied. This shows that Grievous didn’t know that Palpatine was Darth Sidious.

Can Trandoshans grow back limbs?

Trandoshans could regenerate lost limbs and skin until they reached their Middle Ages— around fifty-four standard years.

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