What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface?

What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface?

Interface ResultSetMetaData. An object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object.

Which method is used to retrieves ResultSetMetaData object?

getMetaData() method
This object will have the details of the properties of the columns like datatype of the column, column name, number of columns, table name, schema name, etc., We can get the ResultSetMetaData object using the getMetaData() method of ResultSet.

Which properties can we retrieve with the help of ResultSetMetaData?

Every ResultSet object is associated with one ResultSetMetaData object. This object will have all the meta data about a ResultSet object like schema name, table name, number of columns, column name, datatype of a column etc. You can get this ResultSetMetaData object using getMetaData() method of ResultSet.

What is true about DatabaseMetaData?

Generally, Data about data is known as metadata. The DatabaseMetaData interface provides methods to get information about the database you have connected with like, database name, database driver version, maximum column length etc… Following are some methods of DatabaseMetaData class. Retrieves the user name.

What is getMetaData in Java?

The getMetaData() method of ResultSet interface retrieves the ResultSetMetaData object of the current ResultSet. This method returns a ResultSetMetaData object which holds the description of this ResultSet object’s columns.

Which method is used to retrieve the Resultsetcreated?

The ResultSet interface declares getter methods (for example, getBoolean and getLong ) for retrieving column values from the current row. You can retrieve values using either the index number of the column or the alias or name of the column. The column index is usually more efficient.

How is data navigation done using JDBC in Java?

JDBC – Result Sets

  1. Navigational methods − Used to move the cursor around.
  2. Get methods − Used to view the data in the columns of the current row being pointed by the cursor.
  3. Update methods − Used to update the data in the columns of the current row. The updates can then be updated in the underlying database as well.

What is DatabaseMetaData and explain in details?

DatabaseMetaData interface provides methods to get meta data of a database such as database product name, database product version, driver name, name of total number of tables, name of total number of views etc.

Which object do you ask for DatabaseMetaData?

You obtain the DatabaseMetaData object from a Connection , like this: DatabaseMetaData databaseMetaData = connection. getMetaData(); Once you have obtained this DatabaseMetaData instance, you can call methods on it to obtain the meta data about the database.

What is metadata in Java with example?

Metadata in Java is used to know the data about data. It means for example table field names, field data type, field data type length, database table names, number of databases that existed in the specific database, etc.

What does getMetaData return?

getMetaData() returns a DatabaseMetaData object that contains metadata about the database to which this Connection object is connected.

What is metadata in database example?

A simple example of metadata for a document might include a collection of information like the author, file size, the date the document was created, and keywords to describe the document. Metadata for a music file might include the artist’s name, the album, and the year it was released.

What is metadata in SQL example?

Metadata, as most of you may already know, provides the basic and relevant information about the data. Metadata functions in SQL Server return information about the database, database objects, database files, file groups etc. in SQL Server.

How can you retrieve information from a Resultsel?

How can you retrieve information from a ResultSet? c. By invoking the method getValue(…), and cast the result to the desired Java type.

  • August 29, 2022