What is the syllabus of English in SSC?

What is the syllabus of English in SSC?

SSC CHSL Syllabus

Part Subject Duration
Part I English Language (Basic Knowledge) 60 Minutes (80 Minutes for PwD candidates
Part II General Intelligence
Part III Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill)/ SSC maths syllabus
Part IV General Awareness

Is SSC exam in English?

English language for SSC CGL Exam In SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam, there are 25 questions from the English Language Section. The Topic wise breakup of the questions for the previous years is given below: In SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam, there are 200 questions in the Paper 2 of English Language and Comprehension.

How can I learn general English for SSC CGL?

How To Prepare English For SSC CGL Exam :

  1. Improve your vocabulary: Candidates should focus on improving their vocabulary as it will help them in fetching marks in topics like antonyms and synonyms, cloze test etc.
  2. Brush up your English Grammar:
  3. Work on improving your Reading Skills:
  4. Solve Past Year Papers:
  5. Revise.

Is English necessary for SSC?

There are 4 sections asked in the SSC CGL exam that are the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness. English and Quant are the 2 most Important Sections of the SSC CGL Exam since they are asked in the Tier-II exam too.

What is the level of English in SSC CGL?

Tier I consists of 4 sections for a total of 100 questions for 200 marks. English section in SSC CGL Tier-1 consists of 25 questions of 50 marks. English Section is an important subject as it contributes to tier 2 of SSC CGL as well.

How can I cover English for SSC CGL Quora?

Do the following:

  1. Install an offline dictionary on your phone. Or online if you can manage distractions.
  2. Read a book on grammar. Any good book.
  3. Read a book for SSC: SP Bakshi or Neetu Singh.
  4. Read Common Errors by A.K. Singh.
  5. Learn.
  6. And above all, do some reading simultaneously.

Is English compulsory in SSC CGL?

Tier-I and Tier-II will consist of Objective Type, Multiple choice questions only. The questions will be set both in English & Hindi except for English Comprehension in Tier-I and Paper-II in Tier-II. In Tier-II, Paper-I and Paper-II are compulsory for all the posts.

What is general awareness in SSC exam?

General Awareness (GA) is the most scoring section of the SSC CGL Tier I Exam. There’s no need to remember any formula or rules to solve the GA section. Attempting the GA section is comparatively easier than the English, Quant & Reasoning Section during the actual exam and adds significantly to your aggregate.

How can I prepare English for govt exam?

This Blog Includes:

  1. Read Newspapers Regularly.
  2. Keep Revising Grammar Rules.
  3. Prepare for the Reading Comprehension.
  4. Excel at Spotting Errors.
  5. Build a Strong Vocabulary.
  6. Work on Your Listening Skills.
  7. Time Management.

What is General English purpose?

General English Courses Students develop communicative competence for social and work-related environments through interactive activities simulating real-life situations. Language skills addressed include: listening, fluency development, oral intelligibility, reading, grammar, writing, and vocabulary development.

How can I top in SSC?

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Beginners

  1. Go through the complete exam pattern and syllabus of SSC CGL.
  2. Solve 2-3 mock papers to get to know your weaker areas and strong concepts.
  3. Practice questions from your weaker areas more to get a good hold on them and improve your scores.

Which exam is called mini IAS?

Here are the 5 key points by which prove that SSC CGL is called Mini IAS. UPSC conducts the exam for the Civil Services and Civil posts. UPSC conducts various exams annually and fulfils the requisition sent to it by various departments of Government of India.

How can I score good marks in English in SSC CGL?

How to score 170+ in English for SSC CGL Tier 2?

  1. Go through the topic wise previous year paper pattern.
  2. SSC CGL Tier 2 Study Plan For English Language Section; Attempt Topic Wise Daily Quizzes.
  3. Attempt previous years papers.
  4. Try to score full marks in your stronger topics.
  5. Analyzation of Mock Tests.
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