What is the story of eleven about?

What is the story of eleven about?

‘Eleven’ is a popular short story in which the narrator’s eleventh birthday is ruined when her teacher forces her to take responsibility for an ugly sweater that isn’t hers. Unable to cope with the injustice, she bursts into tears in front of her classmates, and wishes she were older.

Is the book eleven a true story?

Is “Eleven” based on a true story? Yes, it’s a story based on something that happened to me when I was in third grade, which would make me around nine years old. But I changed the age so that the character would be a little older, a bit more articulate. 2.

What does the red sweater represent in eleven?

The sweater could represent social stigma, or, to quote our favorite sociology textbook, “the disapproval of a person because they do [sic] not fit the required social norms that are given in society” (source).

What is the moral of the story eleven?

As you read through this story, you learn a few key lessons: As you grow older, you gain wisdom, yet you’ll never be quite old enough to have all the wisdom you need. Sometimes others will not listen to you, no matter how much you try to explain.

How is Rachel mature in Eleven?

Rachel shows maturity by controlling her emotions. Rather than reverting to a crying three year-old, she emotionally removes herself from the uncomfortable moment by remembering the birthday celebration that awaits her when she gets home.

What is the conflict in Eleven?

The Fashionista Faux Pas Everyone denies the sweater belongs to them, and Sylvia Saldívar says it’s Rachel’s. Rachel protests that it isn’t hers, but Mrs. Price doesn’t listen and sets it on her desk without a word. Although it may seem a simple thing, this little incident is the source of the story’s central conflict.

Who is the main character in Eleven?

Rachel Rachel
Rachel. Rachel is the protagonist of “Eleven,” and it’s her eleventh birthday.

Who is the man in the white shirt in the book Eleven?

Midway through the book, our amateur sleuths were asked to say who they thought The Man in the White Shirt could be, using details from the text to support their arguments. Bryan C. does an excellent job of citing evidence to show that The Man in the White Shirt could be Alex’s dad.

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story eleven?

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story? Happy that it is her birthday.

Why does Rachel put the sweater on even though it isn’t hers?

Rachel wishes she was home, because it is her birthday. The sweater doesn’t belong to her, but she has to wear it because her teacher makes her.

What is the main conflict in Eleven?

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story Eleven?

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story?

Q. How does Rachel feel at the end of the story? Happy that it is her birthday. Happy that the sweater wasn’t hers.

What does red sweater mean?

The symbol of the red sweater symbolizes how other people have more power/control over Rachel. This is represented when the sweater is with Rachel and there’s nothing that she can do about it when she says it’s not hers.

Why does Mrs price give Rachel the sweater?

Q. Why does Mrs. Price give Rachel the sweater? She thinks Rachel is cold and could use it.

What type of story is Eleven?

coming-of-age story
“Eleven” is a coming-of-age story and also an anti-coming-of-age story. That may seem a bit paradoxical, true, but sometimes you’ve just got to keep calm and love the paradox. Rachel’s is a coming-of-age story because it tells about a time in her life where she learned something about herself and the world.

What is the problem in the book Eleven by Tom Rogers?

It is about a boy named Alex who is turning eleven on 9/11. It is a beautiful story told through his point of view as Alex struggles to take care of his sister, convince his parents to get him a dog, deals with a bully, and tries not to think about whether his dad may not be coming home.

How does Rachel finally get rid of the sweater?

Rachel calls it an ugly sweater, all raggedy and old. She is upset over Sylvia’s claim that it belongs to Rachel, not claiming the sweater as hers. She calls it a big red mountain and she moves it to the corner of her desk with a ruler.

Why does Rachel say that when you are eleven You are also all of the ages that you were before?

Rachel’s trying to explain that people aren’t made as a result of their experiences; they are their experiences. Even when you’re eleven, you’re still ten-year-old you too, because that experience of being ten never goes away.

  • October 24, 2022