What is the standard radius for skate sharpening?

What is the standard radius for skate sharpening?

½” and 5/8”
The most common radius of hollow cuts are ½” and 5/8” for skate sharpening shops because it provides the best balance between edge depth and glide speed.

What radius do you sharpen goalie skates?

The radius that’s most common throughout goaltending is 1/2″ as it is right in the middle of sharper and more dull. Whether you’re a goalie or a skater, the hollow stays the same. Goalie blades are a bit wider than a skaters, so the skate sharpener tunes the grinding wheel prior to sharpening.

What is the difference between 5/8 and 1/2 skate sharpening?

Glide and bite are determined by the amount of blade cutting into the ice. 1/2 inch is our standard hollow, a 3/8 would provide more bite, a 5/8 would provide less bite.

What angle do you sharpen ice skates?

A temperature of 17 to 23 degrees is considered “hard hockey ice,” 25 to 26 degrees is considered good figure skate ice. Slightly smaller radius may be used on colder/harder ice and vice versa.

What skate radius do NHL players use?

1/2″ inch
The most common skate sharpening radius we see for ice hockey players is a 1/2″ inch or 5/8″ inch cut.

What skate radius is for me?

Forwards generally prefer smaller radius than defense men of the same weight. Goalies generally prefer very large radius so that they can “kick out” without catching an edge. Figure: Most beginner and instructional skaters can skate on a 1/2″ radius. A 5/8″ radius will take care of most recreational skaters.

What radius do NHL players use?

What skate sharpening do most NHL players use?

Players used to regularly ask for a 3/8ths or half-inch cut (pointy, high); now it’s commonplace for them to use a much shallower hollow. Montreal’s Jesperi Kotkaniemi skates on 11/16ths. NHL refs, for whom glide is paramount, typically sharpen at around an inch.

What radius does Sidney Crosby use?

Radius of Hollow or Hollow Grind

Wayne Gretzky – 1/2″ Sidney Crosby – 9/16″
Joe Sakic – 5/8″ Evgeni Malkin – 11/16″
Chris Pronger – 7/8″ Jordan Staal – 5/8″
Mark Messier – 1″ Sergei Gonchar – 1-1/4″
Paul Coffey – 1″ to 2″ Alex Ovechkin – 1/2″

What skate sharpening Do pros use?

The majority of pros use something with a shallower hollow, but preference does widely vary. I used a 5/8ths hollow, but as I got older and heavier, I switched to the less sharp 3/4ths.

What blade radius do NHL players use?

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