What is the diameter of the RockShox boxxer?

What is the diameter of the RockShox boxxer?

RockShox divides the Boxxer into the Select and Ultimate versions, with the latter and top tier version being the one we tested. The Boxxer runs on 35mm diameter stanchions and follows the company’s ideals of user friendliness throughout the chassis.

What are RockShox boxxer?

A lightweight, highly tunable air spring designed to offer a consistent feel throughout the travel – effortlessly soaking up the smallest hits and tracking the slightest changes in the terrain.

Is Fox better than Öhlins?

I rode the same two trails three times in the morning on the Öhlins, then swapped to the Fox and did the same thing in the afternoon. The Fox tracked the ground noticeably better, with less skipping off the ground and less harshness over spiderwebs of roots. It took the sting out of bigger bumps more effectively too.

Which is better Öhlins or Fox?

Stiffer and higher-performing than the original RXF, the Öhlins RXF 36 M2 is a viable alternative to the big-hitters from Fox and RockShox. With a heavily damped tune, it’s a little less sensitive than the best and a fork that comes to life under heavy or more aggressive riders, getting better the faster you go.

Are RockShox Zeb forks good?

Verdict. The RockShox Zeb Select is seriously stiff and strong, but not painfully so and with a very smooth stroke once bedded in. Simple setup and the extra large brake rotor and tire compatibility plus tons of fit options and top quality internals, make it easy to live with, too.

What PSI should my forks be?

Sag should be set to 15 – 20% of total fork travel

Suggested Starting Points for Setting Sag
Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kgs) 32/34 TALAS Pressure (psi/ bar)
120-130 54-59 98psi/ 6.7 bar
130-140 59-64 105psi/ 7.2 bar
140-150 64-68 113psi/ 7.8 bar

Is Öhlins or fox better?

  • September 12, 2022