What is The 25th Hour about?

What is The 25th Hour about?

In New York City in the days following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Monty Brogan (Edward Norton) steels himself for a lengthy jail term. Brogan is a convicted drug dealer about to start a seven-year prison sentence, and his final hours of freedom are devoted to hanging out with his closest buddies (Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper) and trying to prepare his girlfriend, Naturelle Riviera (Rosario Dawson), for his extended absence.25th Hour / Film synopsis

Why is it called The 25th Hour?

Where does 25th hour come from? If you only had one 24-hour day to complete a task, and it took you 25 hours, well, it looks like you would run out of time. The term 25th hour plays on this concept of out-of-time urgency, and is often used similarly to the eleventh hour.

Who wrote 25th Hour?

David Benioff25th Hour / Screenplay
About the Author David Benioff was born and raised in New York City. He adapted his first novel, The 25th Hour, into the feature film directed by Spike Lee. With many other screenplays to his credit, he is also the writer of the films, “Brothers” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

Who is the DJ in 25th Hour?

– wish i was home right now. Music from the club scene in 25th Hour with Edward Norton. The DJ in the movie is called DJ Dusk, or DJ Cipha Sounds for real.

Is The 25th Hour about 9 11?

“25th Hour” is not a “9/11 movie,” at least not in the way that “United 93” or “World Trade Center” are. In fact, the attacks were not part of the David Benioff screenplay that Lee signed on to direct, nor were they part of Benioff’s original novel (which was published in January 2001).

Where does 25th Hour take place?

25th Hour was shot in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.

How long is 25th Hour?

2h 15m25th Hour / Running time

What happens at the end of 25th Hour?

But all that registers for the audience is the pit; and Lee ends the scene with a long, mournful shot of bulldozers clearing away what once was the World Trade Center. Barring the unlikely idea that the bulldozers symbolize said muscular sociopaths, something central hasn’t been fully dramatized.

Where was 25th Hour filmed?

New York City
25th Hour was shot in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. Filming locations included Carl Schurz Park, Central Park, The Battery, West 4th Street Courts, and World Trade Center.

Did The Sopranos address 9 11?

The series never explicitly addressed the attacks, but like The Sopranos, it accommodated the atmosphere in the wake of the attacks and the impact that was felt in all corners.

Is there a twin tower movie?

It stars Nicolas Cage, Maria Bello, Michael Peña, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Dorff, and Michael Shannon….World Trade Center (film)

World Trade Center
Budget $65 million
Box office $163.2 million

Will they ever make a 9/11 movie?

9/11 is a 2017 American action drama film directed by Martin Guigui and written by Guigui and Steven Golebiowski. It is based on the stage play Elevator by Patrick James Carson, which takes place during the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City….9/11 (2017 film)

Edited by Eric Potter
Music by Jeff Toyne

Why is 25th Hour a 9/11 movie?

Disney picked up the film rights and wanted the monologue cut, but Lee filmed the scene nonetheless. The film was in the “planning stages” at the time of the September 11 attacks, and so Lee “decided not to ignore the tragedy but to integrate it into his story”.

Is the 25th hour about 9 11?

How old is Monty in the 25th hour?

Monty Brogan (Edward Norton), 31 years old, has around 25 hours left to wander around his beloved hometown of New York, at the end of which he must report for the start of a 7-year prison sentence for possession with intent to distribute drugs.

When was 25th Hour filmed?

25th Hour is a 2002 American drama film directed by Spike Lee and starring Edward Norton….

25th Hour
Release dates December 16, 2002 (New York City) December 19, 2002 (United States)
Running time 135 minutes
Country United States
Language English
  • October 6, 2022