What is lansoprazole 15mg gastro resistant capsules used for?

What is lansoprazole 15mg gastro resistant capsules used for?

About lansoprazole It’s used for indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux and gastroesophageal-reflux-disease (GORD). Lansoprazole is also taken to prevent and treat stomach ulcers. Sometimes, lansoprazole is taken for a rare condition caused by a tumour in the pancreas or gut called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

How long does lansoprazole take to work for ulcer?

The recommended dose is 30 mg once daily for 4 weeks. The ulcer usually heals within 4 weeks, but in patients not fully healed within this time, the medication may be continued at the same dose for another 4 weeks. The recommended dose is 30 mg once daily for 4 weeks.

How good is lansoprazole?

Lansoprazole has an average rating of 6.7 out of 10 from a total of 130 ratings on Drugs.com. 53% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 23% reported a negative experience.

How long should you take lansoprazole for?

Your doctor will advise you how long to take lansoprazole for (usually for 4 to 8 weeks). Some people may need to take it for longer. It is best to take the lowest effective dose, for the shortest possible time.

Can I take lansoprazole at night?

Conclusions: These data favour morning dosing of lansoprazole 30 mg for routine use, but patients with mainly nocturnal symptoms may be best treated by evening dosing.

Is taking lansoprazole safe?

Lansoprazole may increase your risk of having fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine. This is more likely if you have osteoporosis, if you are 50 years of age and older, if you receive high doses of this medicine, or if you use it for one year or more.

Is 15 mg of lansoprazole safe?

Conclusion: Lansoprazole is an effective and safe treatment for duodenal ulcer and the 15 mg dose is as effective as 30 or 60 mg.

Does lansoprazole cure acid reflux?

Lansoprazole is used to treat certain stomach and esophagus problems (such as acid reflux, ulcers). It works by decreasing the amount of acid your stomach makes. It relieves symptoms such as heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and persistent cough.

  • September 18, 2022