What is Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester?

What is Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester?

The Lord-Lieutenant appoints the Deputies and in so doing recognises their contribution to local, county or national life. DLs, as they are often known, have not only made a valuable contribution to the community in the past but by their appointment agree to help and work within the county until the age of 75.

Who is the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Manchester?

Mrs Diane Hawkins DL JP
The Queen has been pleased to appoint Mrs Diane Hawkins DL JP as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Greater Manchester on the retirement of Sir Warren Smith, KCVO, on 4 July 2022.

What does a deputy Lord-Lieutenant do?

Deputy Lieutenants are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant. They are expected to carry out public duties on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant. This appointment does not require The Sovereign’s approval.

How do you address a Deputy Lord-Lieutenant?

If the Lord-Lieutenant is represented by her Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, the above etiquette should be adopted accordingly i.e. ‘Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant’, ‘Dear Deputy Lieutenant’.

What is a deputy lieutenant UK?

In the United Kingdom, a deputy lieutenant is a Crown appointment and one of several deputies to the lord lieutenant of a lieutenancy area: an English ceremonial county, Welsh preserved county, Scottish lieutenancy area, or Northern Irish county borough or county.

What does DL mean after a persons name?

Deputy Lieutenants (DLs) are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant, at his discretion, to assist him in his duties.

What does the High Sheriff of Manchester do?

The Office of High Sheriff is an unpaid, independent non-political Royal appointment for a single year. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the High Sheriff is theoretically the sovereign’s judicial representative in the county.

Who is the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire?

Lord Shuttleworth
Lord Shuttleworth has been Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Lancashire since 1997 and was Chairman of the Association of Lord-Lieutenants from 2008 to 2018. He also holds a number of appointments in the charitable and voluntary sector.

Do Deputy Lord-Lieutenants get paid?

Appointing the right people, having few inactive DLs and involving all DLs in the work of the Lieutenancy. It should be noted that the Lord-Lieutenant, Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants are all voluntary, unpaid positions and no expenses are received to cover uniforms, travel etc.

How long does a Deputy Lieutenant serve?

Deputy Lieutenants are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant and come from all walks of life, from accross the County. They come from all walks of life and serve until attaining the age of 75.

Do lord lieutenants get paid?

The Lord-Lieutenant is not paid. It is a voluntary position, like that of Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant.

Do you curtsy to a Lord-Lieutenant?

Bowing and curtseying are entirely optional. Do I have to wear a hat and gloves when meeting a member of the Royal Family? This is optional, although hats do tend to be worn on more formal occasions, if you are expected to wear a hat you will be told so. How long does a Lord-Lieutenant’s appointment last?

Does a Lord-Lieutenant get paid?

Do Deputy Lord Lieutenants get paid?

What is the difference between High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant?

The Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff are both appointed by and are representatives of, the Sovereign in the county. The Lord Lieutenant is responsible for civil and civic matters, whilst the High Sheriff is responsible for law and order, i.e. for keeping the Queen’s Peace.

Does a High Sheriff get paid?

The High Sheriffs´ Association adopted National Crimebeat in recent years in response to specific areas of need. High Sheriffs receive no remuneration and no part of the expense of a High Sheriff’s year falls on the public purse.

Who are the deputy lieutenants of Lancashire?

Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, The Lord Shuttleworth KG KCVO, is delighted to announce his appointment of Mrs Louise Cooper BEM, as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County.

How many deputy Lord-Lieutenants are there in UK?

At present there are some 100 DLs in the Greater London Lieutenancy. The Lord-Lieutenant wishes to use the process of DL appointment and retirement positively. Appointing the right people, having few inactive DLs and involving all DLs in the work of the Lieutenancy.

Are Lord-Lieutenants paid?

How do you greet the Lord-Lieutenant?

Correct forms of address for the Lord-Lieutenant

  1. Written: Mrs Annie Maw, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset.
  2. Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant or Dear Mrs Maw.
  3. In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as “My Lord-Lieutenant”.
  • October 30, 2022