What is a cor?

What is a cor?

Definition. A Government employee formally designated to act as an authorized representative of a contracting officer for specified functions that do not include actions that could change the scope, price, terms or conditions of a contract (e.g., technical monitoring).

How do you become a COTR?

The COTR must have a minimum of 40 hours of training, including 22 hours of training in essential COTR competencies. The COTR competencies include project management, decision making, market research, problem solving and negotiations.

What are the duties of a contracting officer representative?

(a) The COR’s role is to develop proper requirements and ensure during contract administration the contractors meet the commitments of their contracts, including the timeliness and delivery of quality goods and services as required by the contract.

Can a COR approve overtime?

Approve shifts of funding between line items of the budget. Approve travel and relocation expenses over and above that provided for in the contract. Authorize the use of overtime.

What is a COR Level 2?

This level of core is generally appropriate for contract vehicles of moderate to high complexity and risk, including both supply and service contracts. The general requirements are: Complete FCR 201 Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Level 2 (instructor led courses may have a cost associated with them );

Can a COR approve invoices?

Bottom-line: COR’s (if they’ve been delegated this responsibility) are authorized to review and approve invoices on Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. They are authorized to review vouchers on cost reimbursement (CR), time and material (T&M), and labor hour (LH) contracts but are NOT authorized to approve them.

What is a key role of the COR in acquisition planning CLC 222?

The main purpose for the COR to understand the contract and how it is organized is to be aware of all contractual requirements and deliverables. This knowledge helps the COR track contractor performance and ensure contractor compliance with the contract as written.

How is the need for a COR determined?

CORs may be required for any other contract when the need for a COR is determined by the contracting officer. The contracting officer always has the right to designate a COR when it is in the best interest of the U.S. Government.

How long is a COR certificate good for?

two years
Certification Expiration FAC-COR Certificates expire after two years. To be recertified, appropriate refresher training must be completed and the FAC-COR certificate submitted to the Acquisition Services Directorate. It is imperative that sufficient time is provided to avoid any lapse in certification.

Can a COR modify a contract?

The contracting officer’s representative (COR) has no authority to execute any contract modifications. The COR may not obligate in any way the incurring of additional cost or change in scope by the U.S. Government, or terminate for any cause the contractor’s right to proceed.

What is considered a restrictive marking?

An unjustified marking is a restrictive marking placed on Data delivered or otherwise furnished to the Government under this Agreement where the restriction is not justified.

What basic information should the COR know about the contract?

a. The COR letter of designation from the contracting officer must: (1) Identify the COR by name and position. (2) Identify the contractor and contract number, including task or delivery order number, and date of award. (3) Specify that the designation is pursuant to the authority in subpart 1.602-2 of Reference (e).

What is a requiring activity?

The organization charged with meeting a mission and delivering requirements. The requiring activity is responsible for obtaining funding or developing the program objective memorandum.

How long is Cor good for?

Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (FAC-COR) Re-Certification is required every two years.

Is Cor mandatory in Ontario?

CORâ„¢ must be achieved in the province where your office is located. Therefore, if you have an office in Ontario and work in this province, you must achieve CORâ„¢ through IHSA.

  • August 19, 2022