What does the word coadjutor mean?

What does the word coadjutor mean?

Definition of coadjutor 1 : one who works together with another : assistant. 2 : a bishop assisting a diocesan bishop and often having the right of succession. Other Words from coadjutor Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About coadjutor.

What is the synonym of coworkers?

synonyms for co-worker associate. colleague. friend. partner. accessory.

What is the synonym of superintendent?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for superintendent, like: administrator, inspector, director, landlord, custodian, boss, lieutenant, overseer, caretaker, chief and controller.

What is a Catholic coadjutor?

In the Catholic Church, a coadjutor is a bishop with papal appointment as an immediate collaborator of the diocesan bishop in the governance of a diocese, with authority to substitute for the diocesan bishop in his absence and right to automatic succession to the diocesan see upon death, resignation, or transfer of the …

What is the synonym of aide?

aide-de-camp. attendant. coadjutor. helper. lieutenant.

What do you call a work buddy?

A colleague is someone you work with at your job.

What are work friends called?

A colleague is someone you work with or someone who’s in the same profession as you, especially a peer within that profession. Colleague can be a synonym for coworker, which is someone who has the same employer as you.

What is a synonym for governor?

Synonyms of ‘governor’ in British English The new leader is the deputy chief of the territory’s defence force. officer. executive. a senior bank executive. boss (informal)

What is the opposite of superintendent?

Opposite of a person who manages or superintends an organization or activity. employee. underling. worker. follower.

What is a coadjutor archbishop?

A coadjutor bishop (or bishop coadjutor) is a bishop in the Catholic, Anglican, and (historically) Eastern Orthodox churches whose main role is to assist the diocesan bishop in the administration of the diocese.

What is the difference between an auxiliary bishop and a coadjutor bishop?

The difference between a coadjutor and an auxiliary is the coadjutor enjoys the right to assume leadership of the diocese when the presiding bishop dies or resigns his office. In the ranking of diocesan officials, the bishop enjoys the highest status, and a coadjutor the next, followed by any auxiliary bishops.

What does being a deputy mean?

Definition of deputy 1a : a person appointed as a substitute with power to act. b : a second in command or assistant who usually takes charge when his or her superior is absent. 2 : a member of the lower house of some legislative assemblies. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About deputy.

What is the opposite of deputy?

Opposite of a person under the authority or control of another within an organization. superior. boss. leader. manager.

What is the difference between aid and aide?

Aid (as a noun) means “help” or “assistance.” As a verb it means “to help” or “to assist.” An aide is an assistant.

What is a confrere?

Confrere arrived in English from Anglo-French in the 15th century, and ultimately derives from the Medieval Latin confrater, meaning “brother” or “fellow.” (Frater, the root of this term, shares an ancient ancestor with our word brother.)

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