What does the Voortrekker Monument symbolize?

What does the Voortrekker Monument symbolize?

Every aspect of the monument symbolizes and honours the Voortrekkers who embarked on the treacherous journey. The twenty-seven marble friezes depict the history of the Great Trek and incorporate aspects of everyday life, work, beliefs and culture of the Boers.

Who was the architect of the Voortrekker Monument?

Gerard MoerdijkVoortrekker Monument / ArchitectGerard Leendert Pieter Moerdijk, also known as Gerard Moerdyk, was a South African architect best known for designing the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. Wikipedia

When was the Voortrekker Monument designed?

Voortrekker Monument

The Monument from the front
Location in Pretoria Show map of Pretoria Show map of Gauteng Show all
Height 40 metres (130 ft)
Beginning date 13 July 1937
Completion date 12 December 1949

Why did they build the Voortrekker Monument?

It was Built to Commemorate the members of the South African Defence Force, who died in service of their Country, between 1961 and 1994.

How did the Voortrekker Monument contribute to Afrikaner nationalism?

The construction of the Voortrekker Monument helped consolidate a set of heroic narratives about a shared ethnic past, one that united all Afrikaners and legitimized political claims for power.

Why was the Voortrekker Monument built 100 years after the Great Trek?

The event ended in Pretoria with the laying of the foundation for the Voortrekker Monument, which was attended by a crowd of over 100 000 people. The purpose of the centenary celebrations was to further the Afrikaner cause and to encourage a greater sense of unity and solidarity.

What is a heritage symbol?

The World Heritage emblem represents the interdependence of the world’s natural and cultural diversity. It is used to identify properties protected by the World Heritage Convention and inscribed on the official World Heritage List, and represents the universal values for which the Convention stands.

What is meant by the concept Afrikaner nationalism?

Afrikaner nationalism is the idea that the Afrikaner are “chosen people”. It says that Afrikaners who speak their language should unite to fight off foreign influences that come from English-speaking settlers of South Africa, black people or Jews.

How many stairs does the Voortrekker Monument have?

299 steps
The majestic Voortrekker Monument is nestled in a nature reserve situated in Pretoria. It is a unique Grade 1 National Heritage Site that commemorates the Pioneer history of Southern Africa and the history of the Afrikaner.

What are the characteristics of Afrikaner nationalism?

According to historian T. Dunbar Moodie, Afrikaner nationalism could be described as a civil religion that drew upon the Afrikaner people’s history, the defense of the Afrikaans language, decolonisation, republicanism, and Afrikaner Calvinism.

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