What do you write to a godchild?

What do you write to a godchild?

Make the Most of Writing. Keep your letters simple. Write about things your Godchild will understand, such as family, pets, hobbies and activities. Encourage your child’s learning activities and special interests such as art, dance and sports.

What is a godmother quote?

Sweet Godmother Quotes to Enjoy As a mentor and a friend, a godmother holds their godchild’s hand and their heart. Godmothers are the protectors of souls. Godmothers are a little angel and a lot of spice. Godmothers are a blessing from heaven sent to love an angel on earth.

What should I say to my god daughter?

We’re so proud of the person you’ve become, and so fortunate that we got to see it all. Best birthday wishes to an absolutely wonderful goddaughter. Watching you grow up has been our great pleasure. Happy Birthday to our goddaughter, who makes us proud every single day.

What are responsibilities of a godmother?

In general, a godparent’s role is to stay connected with the child in some manner throughout life. You will be at the baby’s christening and perhaps take part in the ceremony. Most importantly, you’ll serve as a mentor and take the symbolic place of the child’s parent of your gender if that parent passes away.

What should I write as a godparent?

As your Godparent, on your special day, I am honored and feel blessed to be a part of your future. For you, I’ll do my best. May the grace and blessings you receive from God, guide you throughout your life! I am honored and blessed to be your Godparent, and look forward to a special relationship with you!

What should a godmother write in a christening card?

I am very honoured to be your Godmother and proud to celebrate this wonderful day with you. I am so proud to be your godparent. I hope to play a big part in your life and look forward to seeing you grow. I look forward to sharing and making lots of happy memories with you in the future.

What do godparents say at a christening?

At a child’s Christening (or ‘Christ’ening), the Godmother promises to repent of sins, to renounce evil and to turn to Christ. The vows are spoken in front of the congregation, the members of which act as informal witnesses.

What do you write in a godchild baptism card?


  1. “Warmest wishes on your baptism…and welcome to our community of faith.”
  2. “You’re getting baptized—and I’m feeling overjoyed for you!”
  3. “Rejoicing with you as you celebrate your baptism.
  4. “May you always remember this day, and may God’s joy, love and peace fill you through all your tomorrows.”

What does a godparent do at a christening?

What does a godparent do during a christening? Traditionally the role of godparents is to be the ‘sponsor’ at the baptism and to speak on the child’s behalf during the baptism service itself.

  • July 28, 2022