What caused the fire in Romain Grosjean crash?

What caused the fire in Romain Grosjean crash?

“Fire was ignited during the final moments of the barrier impact, starting from the rear of the survival cell and progressing forwards towards the driver.” The ring-shaped halo device at the front of Grosjean’s cockpit protected his head by withstanding the huge impact, and he credited it with saving his life.

What episode is Grosjean crash Netflix?

The most dramatic sporting incident in 2020 was undoubtedly Romain Grosjean’s crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. The episode that chronicles it is the most dramatic TV you’ll watch in 2021. Underpinned by a soundtrack worthy of a Christopher Nolan epic, episode nine begins with a bang.

How long was Romain Grosjean trapped in car?

27 seconds
Grosjean, whose car was split in two and caught fire after it pierced the barriers, escaped with burns to his hands after spending 27 seconds in the car after impact. Investigations found that Grosjean’s car struck the triple-guardrail barrier at 192kph (119mph) with a peak impact of 67G.

How long was Grosjean stuck in his car?

Grosjean was stuck in the burning car wreckage for 28 seconds, however the former Haas man revealed the wait felt much longer as he was left almost contemplating his life with the flames burning around him. “It felt much longer than 28 seconds.

Who died in Formula 1 Netflix?

Team Principal Toto Wolff explains how the former three-time Formula 1 World Champion Niki Lauda was instrumental in their rise. Unfortunately, Niki Lauda passes away before the Monaco Grand Prix.

Why did Romain Grosjean get surgery?

Following his first hospital stay, the former Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing driver underwent surgery Dec. 15 to repair ligament damage in his left thumb.

What’s Romain Grosjean doing now?

“I’m delighted to be joining Andretti Autosport and driving the No. 28 DHL Honda for next season,” said Grosjean. “It’s a big honor to be joining such a great team as Andretti, anyone in the motorsport world knows the name Andretti. I’m super happy and proud to be racing with the team.

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