What are some fun typing games for kids?

What are some fun typing games for kids?

Beginner & Intermediate Typing Games for Your Kids

  • Type-a-Balloon. This balloon-popping game will entice a young child unfamiliar with letters or a keyboard to find and type the letter depicted on each balloon before it floats up, up and away.
  • DanceMat Typing.
  • KidzType.
  • TypingClub.
  • Owl Planes.

What is the average typing speed for a 5th grader?

Fifth Grade The goal is to be able to type accurately faster than they can write by hand. Students should be able to type at a rate of 30 words per minute in fifth grade, having increased roughly 5 wpm per year. Emphasis is still placed on posture and technique.

How can I make typing fun?

6 Ways to Make Classroom Typing Fun

  1. write reports.
  2. comment on Discussion Boards and blogs.
  3. journal in blogs and online tools like Penzu.
  4. research online (type addresses into a search bar)
  5. take digital notes (using Evernote, OneNote and similar)
  6. collaborate on Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, Presentations.

Are there any fun typing games?

9 fun typing games for kids

  • Dance Mat Typing. Dance Mat helps kids learn where all the letters are on the keyboard.
  • Keyboard Climber 2. Oh no!
  • The Typing of the Ghosts.
  • KeyMan.
  • Type-a-Balloon.
  • Keyboard Ninja.
  • Flappy Typing.
  • Keyboard Candy.

How fast should an 11 year old type?

Final Target

Age range Beginner Expert
6 to 11 years old 15 wpm (75 cpm) 80% accuracy 35 wpm (175 cpm) 90% accuracy
12 to 16 years old 30 wpm (150 cpm) 85% accuracy 50 wpm (250 cpm) 95% accuracy
17 years old and over 45 wpm (225 cpm) 90% accuracy 65 wpm (325 cpm) 100% accuracy

Who is the fastest 10 year old typer?

He’s got flying fingers. At 13, Abhishek Jain is the fastest junior typist in the world. And the youngest.

Is there any typing games?

Flappy Typing Flappy Typing is perfect for kids who already know their way around a keyboard and want to increase their general typing speed and skill. The game lets players choose from six cute flying characters, who they help to keep in the air by typing letters.

  • October 17, 2022