Is Larry Bird a good three-point shooter?

Is Larry Bird a good three-point shooter?

Larry was a good three-point shooter, shooting at a respectable 37.6% career clip. He also shot over 40% from deep five times. Larry made 649 three-pointers in his stellar career.

How many times did Larry Bird do the 3-point contest?

Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird won the inaugural edition in 1986, as well as the two following editions in 1987 and 1988. Bird’s three consecutive 3-Point Contest victories puts him top of the leader board, where he is joined by Craig Hodges.

Who was the best three-point shooter of all time?

Top 1: Stephen Curry There is no denying that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. As of now, this great player holds the record for most 3-point conversions in a season with 402. Stephen Curry is also the player who holds the record for most 3-point field goals in an NBA Finals game.

Is Larry Bird better than Steph Curry?

Stephen Curry, we can see that Larry Bird has 10 awards in contrast to Stephen Curry’s 6 awards. Larry Bird has 3 Championship, 2 Finals MVP, 3 Regular Season MVP, 1 Rookie of the Year, 1 Hall of Fame, while Stephen Curry has 3 Championship, 2 Regular Season MVP, 1 Scoring Title.

What did Larry Bird score in 3-point contest?

He struggled early, clanking two of his first three shots but was saved by the money ball. Bird saved himself with a perfect fourth rack, but that still only had him at 13 points. He missed the first two of the final rack but his the third, giving him 14 points with two shots and seven seconds to go.

Who has the most points in the 3-point contest?

Most Points Any Round

Year Player Score
2018 Devin Booker* 28 (24)
2016 Klay Thompson* 27 (23)
2015 Stephen Curry* 27 (23)
2018 Klay Thompson* 25 (21)

Has there ever been a center in the three-point contest?

CLEVELAND (AP) — Karl-Anthony Towns gave big men everywhere something to shoot for. Minnesota’s 7-footer became the first center to win the 3-Point Shooting Contest, defeating seven guards during the NBA’s All-Star Saturday and providing a memorable moment on a night the dunk contest barely got off the ground.

Who is better Bird or curry?

Who is better Kobe or Larry Bird?

Birds career numbers are better than Kobe in everything except scoring. Kobe was a better defender but Bird wasn’t a slouch either. Kobe has longevity, defence and….. Not much else over Bird in my eyes.

Who made the most 3 pointers in a 3-point contest?

Was Larry Bird a good free throw shooter?

Bird’s approach to the game placed tremendous importance on mastering the fundamentals of his craft. The former Celtics great left no stone unturned with working on his skills. It included shooting free throws as he remains one of the league’s best ranking 13th all-time at 88.57%.

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