Is Jacqueline Mars married?

Is Jacqueline Mars married?

Hank VogelJacqueline Mars / Spouse (m. 1986–1994)

Who are the Mars heirs?

Victoria Mars and her three sisters are heirs to the family’s giant candy and pet food company, Mars, Incorporated. She and her sisters all inherited their own estimated 8% stakes in the company when their father Forrest Mars Jr. died in 2016.

Does the Mars family still own Mars?

The Mars family is an American family that owns the confectionery company Mars, Inc., bearing their name. The family once was ranked as the richest family in the United States of America by Fortune magazine, in 1988.

What does Jacqueline Mars do?

BusinesspersonJacqueline Mars / ProfessionA businessman or businesswoman is an individual who has ownership or shareholdings over a private sector and undertakes activities for the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue by using Wikipedia

What does Jacqueline Mars do with her money?

31.9 billion USD (2022)Jacqueline Mars / Net worth

Who is Elizabeth Mars?

Marijke Elizabeth Mars (born 1965) is an American billionaire heiress and businesswoman. In March 2018 Forbes estimated her wealth to be $5.9 billion. She was ranked as the 30th-richest woman in the world, a position shared with her three sisters. Mars Inc.

How did Jacqueline Mars get so rich?

Career. Mars is an heiress to Mars, Inc. shares. As a member of the Mars family, Mars’ shares of Mars, Incorporated and other assets were estimated by Forbes magazine in January 2019 to be worth $23.5 billion, making her the 18th richest American, and #34 on its list of “The World’s Billionaires”.

How did the Mars family get rich?

Heading into the 2020s, the family remains the 3rd richest family in North America. This is predominantly due to the family’s full ownership in Mars, Incorporated. Its five major business segments are Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Petcare, Food, Drinks, and Symbioscience.

Who is Victoria Mars husband?

David Spina

Victoria B. Mars
Spouse(s) David Spina
Children 4
Parent(s) Forrest Mars Jr. Virginia Cretella
Relatives siblings: Marijke Mars, Pamela Mars-Wright and Valerie Mars
  • September 7, 2022