Is Bill Leverty married?

Is Bill Leverty married?

Leverty married his wife Kris in 1996; together they have a child named Dabney.

Where is band FireHouse from?

Charlotte, NCFireHouse / Origin

How did FireHouse band get its name?

Since Leverty and Foster’s band name of White Heat was trademarked, the band chose FireHouse instead. In December 1989, Michael Caplan of Epic Records flew to Charlotte, NC to see a FireHouse show, and told the band immediately following the performance that they were ready for a record deal.

What Bass does Perry Richardson play?

Perry Richardson (born July 7, 1958) is an American bass guitarist who played in FireHouse until 2000 and is currently the bassist of Stryper….

Perry Richardson
Genres Rock, hard rock, glam metal, country, Christian metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass guitar, vocals
Years active 1980–present

Who are the members of FireHouse band?

C.J. SnareKeyboard instrumentBill LevertyPerry RichardsonBass guitarMichael FosterDrum KitAllen McKenzieBass guitarDario SeixasBass guitar

What year did FireHouse debut?

1988FireHouse / Active from

Who plays bass for Stryper?

Tim GainesMatt HurichTracy Ferrie

What is CJ snares real name?

Carl “C.J.” Snare is an American singer and musician best known for being the frontman and founding member of the band FireHouse.

What surgery did CJ Snare have?

The following message was posted on Snare’s Facebook page yesterday: “So here’s some news for all FireHouse fans, friends, and family. It turns out that I have some abdominal issues that need to be sorted out with surgery. My procedure is September 1st 2021.

Is CJ Snare still in FireHouse?

He continues to tour with FireHouse and works as a producer and mixing engineer.

Is Tim Gaines married?

Brandee Gainesm. 2017Irene Kelly Gainesm.?–2017
Tim Gaines/Spouse

Who are the members of Firehouse?

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