Is Adecco a real company?

Is Adecco a real company?

Adecco is truly one of the better staffing agencies to work for. They care about the people they hire and truly want to see you succeed.

What does the company Adecco do?

The Adecco Group is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company. We are driven by a powerful purpose – making the future work for everyone. Our services help people fulfil – and exceed – their potential, building employability and connecting people with opportunities.

Is Adecco my employer?

In addition to taking ownership of the time-consuming and potentially expensive hiring process, putting your candidates on our payroll establishes Adecco as the employer of record. Thus, we pay all necessary statutory costs and expenses, workers’ compensation and training and onboarding fees.

What type of business is Adecco?

Adecco Group A.G. (Adecco) is a provider of human resource solutions. The company offers temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition, talent development, and outsourcing and consulting services.

How do I get paid with Adecco?

Basically, you get a debit card and your funds are automatically deposited on it every payday. Here’s why it’s awesome: You can get fast and easy access to your pay either through the Money Network Voluntary Debit Card Program or a Money Network Check. You can use your debit card to buy things online or in person.

Where is Adecco USA headquarters?

Jacksonville, FL
Adecco Staffing, USA is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and has 32 offices located throughout the US.

How much is Adecco worth?

Adecco had total assets amounting to 11.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Adecco provides HR solutions in over 60 countries and territories around the world.

How many US offices does Adecco have?

32 offices
Adecco Staffing, USA Corporate Headquarters and Office Locations. Adecco Staffing, USA is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and has 32 offices located throughout the US.

How do I contact Adecco HR?

For all other associate queries, write to us at

How do I call in sick at Adecco?

If you are going to be late for your assignment or have any emergency or illness that prevents you from going to work, you must call Adecco prior to the start of the assignment. Adecco will call the client and explain the situation.

Where is Adecco headquarters located?

Zürich, SwitzerlandThe Adecco Group / Headquarters

Who is the CEO of Adecco?

Alain Dehaze (Sep 1, 2015–)The Adecco Group / CEO

How do I claim my Adecco PF?

As an Adecco associate, you can now use the PF Self Help Portal for a wide range of features including transfer- out & withdrawal process….Keep These Documents Handy While Applying

  1. Copy of any payslip which contains employee the associate’s PF number (Preferably the latest payslip copy).
  2. Copy of the Relieving Letter.

Does Adecco pay sick pay?

As long as you are ill Adecco will pay you every week for the hours you are ill until the end date of your employment contract. At the end of your employment contract you will receive a benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act, which will be paid out by Visma Idella, once every four weeks.

  • August 2, 2022