How much is the tunnel in Brisbane?

How much is the tunnel in Brisbane?

The tunnel, which cost around A$2.09bn to construct, provides an alternative route to a road with 18 sets of traffic lights, saving 15 minutes on the journey.

How much is the Clem7 toll?

Toll pricing

Toll Point Class 1 Class 4
Clem7 $2.69 $14.23 (off-peak^) $16.12 (peak^)
Legacy Way $2.90 $15.35 (off-peak) $17.38 (peak^)
Bowen Hills to Kedron* $2.96 $15.68
Bowen Hills to Toombul* $2.96 $15.68

How do I pay one off toll Brisbane?

In Queensland, the toll payment provider is Linkt. To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at

How many tolls are in Brisbane?

7 toll roads
A network of 7 toll roads, bridges and tunnels exist in Brisbane, Australia maintained by Transurban providing efficient connectivity across the Brisbane city and connection to Toowoomba in Queensland. Queensland toll roads have a free-flow tolling system.

Are Brisbane tunnels open?

TUNNEL CLOSURE: Clem7 northbound maintenance closure. TUNNEL CLOSURE: Clem7 southbound maintenance closure….Upcoming planned road works.

Start End Works and closure information
13 July 2022 10pm 14 July 2022 5am AEST TUNNEL CLOSURE: Legacy Way eastbound maintenance closure.

Why is it called Clem 7?

– There are two lanes of traffic in each tunnel, with one tunnel running north, the other tunnel south. – The tunnel is 60 metres below the Brisbane River at its lowest point. – The name “Clem7” honours former Lord Mayor Clem Jones and the new M7 motorway which it forms with Airport Link.

How do I pay a toll without a tag in Brisbane?

Tag and Tagless accounts

  1. Online or via the Linkt app with a debit or credit card, or auto payments from a linked credit card or bank account.
  2. BPAY.
  3. In person/with cash at participating newsagents or United Petroleum outlets.
  4. Over the phone with a credit or debit card on 13 33 31.

What happens if you don’t pay tolls Qld?

If you don’t pay this notice, the vehicle’s owner may receive a fine from the Department of Transport and Main Roads or the Brisbane City Council, or be referred to a debt collection agency. This will include a fine of $186. Avoid fees and fines by paying your toll notice by the due date.

Can you use NSW toll tag in Qld?

All tags issued in Australia work on all toll roads throughout the country. So for example you can use a tag issued in NSW when driving on toll roads in Queensland or Victoria.

Which of the following should you do when entering a tunnel?

When entering a tunnel:

  1. listen for updates or important traffic information on your radio.
  2. turn on your headlights.
  3. take your sunglasses off (unless prescription glasses are required)
  4. obey all traffic signs, signals and pavement markings.
  5. avoid changing lanes if possible (this improves safety for everybody in the tunnel)

Are you allowed to change lanes in a tunnel?

In a rural ‘unmanned’ tunnel, leave your vehicle, and using the sidewalk, call for help from an emergency point phone. If the tunnel has an emergency lay-by, and it is possible for you to pull in from the main traffic flow, do so. Do not attempt to push your vehicle or change a wheel in the tunnel.

How deep are the Brisbane tunnels?

the deepest point is 60 metres underground. the speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour (this is variable and can be lowered if required) mobile phones and radios will work in the tunnel. the road surface is concrete, not bitumen.

  • October 25, 2022