How much is an NV4500 transmission?

How much is an NV4500 transmission?

Remanufactured NV4500 Transmission Price

Price Core Upfront Cost
$2309 Waived* $2309

Is the Dodge NV4500 a good transmission?

The NV4500 transmission is considered to be the toughest and most reliable 5 speed manual transmission ever built. Robust and reliable, this 5 speed transmission was supplied in pickup trucks (up to 1 Ton) and is a popular replacement in older trucks with 4 speeds.

What years did Dodge use the NV4500?

The New Venture Gear 4500, commonly called NV4500, is a 5-speed manual transmission manufactured by New Venture Gear and used in General Motors and Chrysler products from 1991–2007.

How do I identify a Dodge NV4500 transmission?

  1. TRANSMISSION IDENTIFICATION. The NV4500 transmission identification tag is attached to the shifter top cover.
  2. GM 4WD NV4500 (1993-94) During the first two years of the NV4500, Chevy offered this 5 speed with a 6.34:1.
  3. GM 4WD NV4500 (1995)
  4. GM 4WD NV4500 (1996 & Newer)

What kind of oil goes in a NV4500 transmission?

The NV4500 factory fill was Mopar Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 75W85 GL4 Part# 4874459 for Dodge applications or AC Delco Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 75W85 GL4 Part# 12346190 for GM applications.

What trucks came with a NV4500?

The NV4500 was first released in Chevy / GM trucks from 1992 under GM RPO code MT8 and GM part #12346190. It was introduced into Dodge trucks in 1995. Though it has it roots as the New Process 4500 four-speed beginning as early as 1972 in Dodge trucks, its current incarnation as we know it today is quite different.

What truck has NV4500?

Does a NV4500 have overdrive?

That is the early General Motors NV4500 five-speed with a 6.32:1 first gear and was only available from GM in 1992, 1993, and 1994. It came with a 0.74:1 overdrive and a 5.61:1 reverse.

What fluid does NV4500 take?

MTG 75W90 meets the API GL-4 and Chrysler/Dodge/Mopar MS-9070 specifications. This product is fully compatible with the carbon fiber synchro rings found in the New Venture NV4500 transmission.

What kind of fluid goes in a NV4500?

This AMSOIL Synthetic 75W-90 Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube replaces 75W-85 and 75W-90 fluids.

What type of transmission fluid does a NV4500 take?

What oil does a Dodge NV4500 take?

QU90020 MT85 75w85w NV4500 Manual Transmission Oil is a 75w85w Full Synthetic, GL-4 Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant formulated by Redline that replaces the now out of production, Castrol Syntorq LT® oil in New Venture NV4500, NV4500LD, and NV4500HD manual transmissions.

What kind of gear oil does a NV4500 take?

Who makes the NV5600 transmission?

New Venture Gear
The NV5600 is a Heavy Duty close ratio 6-speed manual transmission that was used in 1999-2005 Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500 Series ¾ ton and 1 ton Trucks with the 5.9L Cummins Engines. It was manufactured by New Venture Gear, a division of Magna Powertrain.

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