How much is a Saleen S7 worth?

How much is a Saleen S7 worth?

This Rare American Supercar Is Pretty Damn Expensive Currently, few Saleen S7s are on the market and even fewer 2000s naturally aspirated models. Yet, if you manage to find one, it is likely to have a price tag of around $450,000 to $600,000.

Is Saleen S7 rare?

Saleen, the American tuning company most famous for modified Mustangs, once built a mid-engine supercar of its own design, called the S7. A mere handful were built, solidifying it as one of the rarest exotics from the analog 2000s.

Was the Saleen S7 the fastest car?

The Saleen S7, launched in August 2000, was the fastest car globally when it made its debut. The supercar appeared as America’s first production supercar. The Saleen S7 was created by Steve Saleen who is also honored for his extraordinary Ford Mustangs.

How many Saleen S7 LM were made?

13 The Production Run Remained Low Motor1 lists a total of 1,500 Saleen S7s in the world, while Jalopnik contends this figure to be less than 100, including the race-spec cars.

How fast does a Saleen S7 go?

240 mph
It completes a standing 1⁄4 mile (402 m) in an estimated 11.35 seconds, reaching 128 mph (206 km/h). Top speed is an estimated 240 mph (386 km/h).

Is the Saleen S7 a supercar?

Launched as “America’s first production supercar,” the Saleen S7 represented a new kind of hyper performance car that was designed for the street yet remained true to its racing origins and proved itself capable of winning on the world’s most iconic racetracks.

How many Saleen s7r are there?

The Saleen S7-R was produced from 2000-2007, and was designed to compete in grand tourer-style races, such as the FIA GT Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans. A total of fourteen S7-Rs were assembled to race-ready condition throughout the production period.

How much is a 2005 Saleen S7 cost?

This 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Can Get You to 248 MPH for Just $799,990.

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Is Saleen owned by Ford?

Saleen is not owned by Ford Motor Company. In fact, Saleen became a publicly-traded company in 2013 as a result of a reverse merger.

How much does the Mclaren F1 cost?

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Who owns Saleen S7?

Steve Saleen

“Power in the hands of a few”
Type Private
Brands Maxgrip, Powerflash, Racecraft, S4, Speedlab
Owner Steve Saleen
Number of employees 80

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