How loud is the AI prime?

How loud is the AI prime?

Not bought a new AI Prime 16HD reef (for my new, second, 20g), imported settings from the other lamp – and it’s super loud. When measured close by the old one is about 50 dB and the new is over 71dB!

Is AI prime good for corals?

AI Prime 16HD Quick Review Effectiveness: Great coral growth and coloration. Much better than T5 fixture. Price: Kind of pricy.

How high should an AI prime be above the water?

How high do I need to mount my Aquaillumination lights above the water? Answer: To achive the best light spread and to help prevent water spashing on the lights we recommend the bottom of the units are between 12″ (31cm) and 15″ (38cm) from the surface of the water.

How many AI Prime do I need?

I ran two ai primes on a 48 inch long lps and soft coral tank for years and had nothing but success. I would get the three for your tank. If you ever want more light you can add a fourth and get much better spread than two 26s would give you.

Can an AI Prime grow SPS?

Not only did we find that mounting multiple AI Primes is a viable option for lighting a larger tank, but they are also capable of reaching PAR levels for thriving SPS tanks.

How do I connect to AI prime without WIFI?

To set up the Prime with the iOS app:

  1. Plug in power to the Prime.
  2. Wait a minute until the Prime’s indicator light start flashing blue/green or flashing green.
  3. On your iOS device, go to Settings.
  4. Open the myAI app.
  5. Enter a tank name, choose any children you would like the Prime parent to control, then skip the wifi setup.

Can AI prime reef be used for freshwater?

Macro saltwater tanks look their best when they grow under lighter and warmer LED colors. The AI Prime 16 HD Freshwater has a broad spectrum that focuses on the photosynthetic health of macroalgae in both planted reef tanks, and freshwater planted tanks.

How long do AI Prime Lights last?

According to Cree, the manufacturer of the LEDs, the LEDs will produce up to 50,000 hours of usable light. Our products follow the strict guidelines provided by Cree to work to achieve this life span. Assuming a 10 hour per day photoperiod, your AI System will last well over 5-7 years.

Can I grow SPS with AI prime?

How many AI primes do I need?

Can an AI Prime grow plants?

Community Member. Yes, I used an spare reef light to grow cilantro and tomatoes. AI prime can definitely grow these.

Is AI Prime 16hd WIFI?

The new models do not use wifi at all. They are only connected through Bluetooth.

How do I connect an AI light?


  1. Power on your AI light(s)
  2. Open the “Settings” on your phone/tablet.
  3. Ensure Bluetooth is “On” or “Enabled”
  4. Open the myAI app.
  5. Select the “+” button and “Add AI Light/Nero”

How do I connect my AI prime to a new WiFI?

Quit the myAI app. Hold the reset button on your light until the LED indicator begins flashing red (then quickly release) Repeat step 4 for each light. Open the WiFI setting on your device and connect to 1 light’s network.

  • October 24, 2022