How long does Pebble Tec last in a pool?

How long does Pebble Tec last in a pool?

20 years
How Long Will Pebble Tec Last? Traditional pool resurfacing materials require a high level of maintenance and will only last 5-10 years before it needs to be replaced. We generally would expect a Pebble Tec surface to last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance.

Does Pebble Tec crack?

Traditionally, Pebble Tec pool repair is done after draining the pool. The problem with this is that when the hot sun shines down on the finish, further damage can occur. Even worse, structural cracking is always a concern when letting all or most of the water out of a swimming pool.

How long before you can swim in a new PebbleTec pool?

The very top layer of cement is then hosed away to expose the pebbles, and the pool is left to cure for about 24 hours.

Is PebbleTec expensive?

Cost. Thanks to its relatively simple look and material makeup, pool plaster is a lot less expensive than Pebble Tec®. White plaster costs about $4 for every square foot of pool surface. Meanwhile, a pebble finish, like Pebble Tec® or Pebble Sheen®, can easily cost $10 or more per square foot.

Can you leave a pebble Tec pool empty?

Does my pool need to be drained before cleaning pool tile or cleaning pebble-tec? No! – We lower your pool water just enough to expose all the pool tile calcium and pebble-tec calcium. In an effort to conserve water, We Never Need to Drain Your Pool.

Is pebble pool finish worth it?

Overall. Pebble Tec pools are works of stunning beauty that can last for decades. They are an excellent choice for any pool. Once established, they’re easy to maintain.

What is the best pebble pool finish?

Baja Micro Mini Pebble, which is a result of over 20 years of testing a mixture of Pozzolanic additives, cement and pebble to create an even tinier aggregate, is even smoother. It is the smoothest pebble finish available.

Why is my Pebble Tec turning white?

The most common maintenance issue is scaling (a white haze) on the pool finish surface due to poor water chemistry. The water chemistry in your swimming pool and/or spa must be maintained at certain levels to prevent scale build-up.

Can you leave a Pebble Tec pool empty?

Is Pebble Tec really worth it?

Why is Pebble Tec so expensive?

Pebble Tec pool surfaces are more expensive. Compared to plaster, Pebble Tec is more expensive due to the high quality pool resurfacing material it uses. Pebble Tec is a little rougher. Pebble Tec pools are a little rougher on your feet than plaster.

Is Mini Pebble Tec rough on feet?

like Pebble Sheen or Pebble Fina. Pebble Sheen is not very rough on the feet, whereas Pebble Tec might be. Pebble Sheen is an excellent product.

How soon can I swim after pebble Tec install?

They usually do an Acid startup on Pebble finishes which takes about 7 days. Thats tough…they usually don’t want you swimming in it for the first week.

Can you pressure wash pebble Tec?

As with any pool, a Pebble Tec pool needs to be drained before you clean it. Once drained, take the opportunity to survey it carefully for loose pebbles or cracked spots. You’ll be pressure washing the Pebble Tec pool on very low pressure, so you’ll need to use soap to loosen up the dirt before you start.

Is quartz cheaper than PebbleTec?

Quartz base products are more cost efficient. Quartz has a tendency to crack more frequently than pebble. In the long term, pebble is more durable and has less discolorations.

  • October 23, 2022