How do you Texlax your hair?

How do you Texlax your hair?

How to Texlax Natural Hair

  1. Separate your hair into four sections. Part horizontally from ear to ear, and from front to back. Use clips to hold hair out of the way when not working on that section.
  2. After, apply oil or conditioner to each section. Do not saturate your hair. It shouldn’t be wet or damp, just well-coated.

Should I relax or Texlax?

Texlaxed hair is filled with volume, thickness and of course texture! Texlaxed hair isn’t completely relaxed in order to achieve a fuller thicker appearance. Relaxed hair is just the opposite! Relaxed hair is straighter with fewer kinks in the strands.

Is Texlaxing good for natural hair?

By leaving some natural texture in the strands, texlaxed hair tends to have better elasticity, styling versatility, and improved moisture retention. This allows for greater styling versatility (wet or dry), because of the hair strand’s ability to bounce back or ‘hold a curl’ while resisting breakage.

Is Texlax the same as texturizer?

Texturizing is a chemical process which is designed to loosen the curls/coils in afro hair. Relaxers ( which are used to texlax) on the other hand are designed to remove the curls/coils in our hair.

How many times should I flat iron my relaxed hair?

I flat iron typically 1-2x with every relaxer, which is every 10-12 weeks. I maintain my flat ironed style for approximately 5-7 days. I maintain my straight look by lightly moisturizing the very ends of my hair (no oil as it would weigh it down) and wrapping it every night with a satin scarf.

Is Texlax bad for your hair?

Both relaxing and texlaxing offer benefits and risks. The chemicals in the two processes can be damaging to the hair and require consistent, high caliber hair care. Regular deep conditioning treatments are necessary for strengthening the bonds and structure of the hair shaft.

How often should you wash Texlaxed hair?

once a week
If you can go once a week and just shampoo, blow dry, use your hot tool, that’s fine, but if you have relaxed hair and you just set it, and you don’t use hot tools other than maybe a dryer or a hood dryer, you can shampoo a couple times a week. Definitely once a week is great for relaxed curls.

Should you comb through relaxer?

Combing the Relaxer Through Smoothing, not combing. Combing can lead to severe breakage. Only use your fingers to smooth the chemicals through.

Can you go from relaxed hair to texturized hair?

The good news is, you can go right from a relaxer to a texturizer. The same chemicals are involved. However, if your hair is thinning, you may need a trim or cut to get it in better shape for your next chemical application. Some light protein will probably help as well.

Can you Texlax colored hair?

Do not texlax hair that has been chemically treated – this includes color treated hair – because you may wind up taking out too much curl and permanently straightening the hair.

What can you not do with a relaxed hair?

Things You Should Never Do While Relaxing Your Hair3 min read

  • Don’t Shampoo Before Relaxing. Do not shampoo your hair for at least one week before the relaxation process.
  • Detangling Before.
  • Don’t Use Too Much Heat.
  • Using Heavy Permanent Hair Colour.
  • Incorrectly Smoothening The Relaxer.
  • September 30, 2022