How do you bid on auction-time?

How do you bid on auction-time?

You can bid from the Live Auction Board simply by clicking the bid bar under each listing, which will direct you to a confirmation page, or you can choose to turn on the Quick Bid feature. Quick Bid – By turning on the Quick Bid feature, you will not be directed to the confirmation page.

What is a time auction?

What is a Timed Auction? Timed auctions run for a defined period of time, allowing bidders to register and place maximum bids on items with confidence. As the auction progresses, bidders have the opportunity to raise their bid amount.

What is auction-time bidding sa360?

Auction-time bidding is a Google Ads Smart Bidding feature that analyzes several contextual signals at the time of the auction to set bids with the goal of targeting your ads. Learn more about auction-time bidding in Google Ads Help Center.

Does auction time have a reserve?

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to: (i) refuse to allow any item to be listed, at any time and for any reason; (ii) withdraw any Listed Item(s) from our Services; (iii) review and verify a Listed Item’s information and description; (iv) amend the information in a Listed Item; or (v) cancel any proposed …

Does auction time have a buyers premium?

Additional Fees by Seller. In addition to the price of Listed Item(s), Sellers may charge a buyer’s premium (which is an additional fee that a winning bidder is required to pay above the auction price) as well as shipping, handling, and other fees.

How do timed auctions work?

Timed auctions are similar to live auctions, but there isn’t a live auction or an auctioneer. The auction normally takes place over 2 weeks. This extended time-frame means you can re-submit bids mid-auction, should your initial maximum bid be beaten. In this event, you’ll be notified, allowing you to bid again.

What is the difference between a timed auction and a live auction?

The biggest difference between timed and live auctions is that live auctions are closely monitored and auction off one item or piece of equipment at a time. Timed auctions offer customers more flexibility in terms of where, when, and how much they can bid.

What is an SA360 bid strategy?

Standard SA360 bid strategies analyse performance from a portfolio of campaigns, updating max CPC bids approximately every 6 hours, based on a combination of the historical and predicted conversion rate of all biddable items in the portfolio (including keywords, product groups, device, geo, and audience modifiers).

What is SA360?

Simply put, SA360 is Google’s advanced search engine management solution that allows businesses to access multiple ad accounts and campaigns in Google Ads, across multiple search engines, in one single integrated interface.

Can I sell to highest bidder if reserve not met?

If the reserve price is not met, the seller is not required to sell the item, even to the highest bidder.

What is the difference between online auction and timed auction?

A timed online auction is automated. It’s set up to run a certain period of time, regardless of how frequent or sparse the bidding is, and the entire process is run by a computer. A live online auction, by contrast, is monitored and conducted by an auctioneer.

  • August 12, 2022