How do you access Q Global?

How do you access Q Global?

Registration and Accessing Q-global

  1. Contact our Client Services Team at 1-800-882-385 to create your Q-global account.
  2. You will receive a Q-global welcome email with instructions on how to set-up your new account.

What is Q Global scoring and reporting?

Q-global is a web-based application for test administration, scoring and reporting. It houses the industry’s gold standard in assessment tools and is accessible from any computer connected to the internet.

What is Q global scoring system?

Q-global® is our secure and affordable web-based scoring and reporting system. The platform houses the industry’s gold standard assessment tools, accessible through any tablet, laptop or desktop device connected to an up to date web browser. Q-global allows you to: Input results from paper-and-pencil assessments.

How do you purchase Q global assessments?

To order new usages or subscriptions to replenish your Q-global inventory, you will need a Pearson Clinical online account. When you sign-in to your Q-global account and click the Buy Now link in your inventory, you will be redirected to to make your purchase.

Does Q Global have an app?

Installing the Q-interactive Assess App Assess is an app you download from the Apple App Store or iTunes Store found on your iPad or through iTunes on your computer.

How do I add inventory to Qglobal?

Managing Usages

  1. Click the Manage Accounts link from the header navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Account Name to view account information.
  3. On the Account Details page, click the Inventory tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Usage Inventory table.
  5. Locate the Product Name in the table.
  6. Click the Manage link from the Action column.

What are Q global assessments?

Purchase Q-global assessments

  • BASC-3 Q-Global Administration/Report.
  • Vineland-3 Comprehensive Level Administration/Report.
  • MCMI-IV Interpretive Administration/Report.
  • MMPI-3 Clinical Interpretive Report.

How do I create a Pearson Q Global Account?

How To Create a New Account

  1. On the Manage Accounts page, click the New Account button, a New Account modal window will open.
  2. In the Parent Account field, click the ellipse to the right of the field.
  3. Complete all the required fields.
  4. Click the Save button to create the new account.

How do I add assessments to Q-Interactive?

Create a Practice Assessment

  1. Sign in to Q-interactive.
  2. Click the green Practice Assessment button on the Dashboard.
  3. Select a practice client or create a new practice client, if needed.
  4. Select the tests you wish to practice administering.
  5. Confirm the assessment details, then click Send to iPad.

What is Q Interactive?

Q-interactive is a 1:1 iPad-based testing system that helps administer, score, and report 20 different clinical assessments, including WISC–V, WIAT-4, and CELF-5. The system is ideal for school and clinical psychologists, SLPs, and educational diagnosticians.

What iPad do I need for Q Interactive?

Q-interactive requires two Apple iPads that use iPadOS 13 or higher and have at least 16GB of storage.

How do I create a Qinteractive account?

Q-interactive® Setting Up Accounts

  1. Access the Admin section. At the top of the page, click the ‘Admin’ link.
  2. Create a new user. To create a new user on the User Management tab, click the New User button.
  3. What the user receives. The Welcome email will contain a link allowing the user to create his or her unique password.

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Is Q Interactive an app?

Q-interactive is an easy-to-use iPad application that allows clinicians to choose, administer and score clinical assessments via two tablets connected by Bluetooth.

Is global account free?

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What is a global account?

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