How do I find medical publications?

How do I find medical publications?


  1. Medknow Publications.
  2. PubMed Central and PubMed.
  3. Directory of Open Access Journals.
  4. Electronic Resources in Medicine Consortium and National Medical Library.
  5. Google, Google Scholar, and Yahoo.
  6. The Cochrane Library.
  7. Public Library of Science.
  8. Free Medical Journals.

Where can I find the best medical articles?

A list is collated every year of the top medical journals according to Impact Factors, and the top six are described here:

  1. New England Journal of Medicine.
  2. The Lancet.
  3. The Journal of the American Medical Association.
  4. The British Medical Journal.
  5. JAMA Internal Medicine.
  6. Annals of Internal Medicine.

What are the best peer-reviewed medical journals?

Title SJR
1 MMWR Recommendations and Reports 25.045 Q1
2 New England Journal of Medicine 24.907 Q1
3 Nature Medicine 24.161 Q1
4 Nature Reviews Immunology 17.109 Q1

What is the most reputable medical journal?

Here are the top 5 medical journals in the world:

  1. NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (NEJM) Published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, it is one of the oldest and most widely read medical journals.
  4. The BMJ.

Is MEDLINE and PubMed the same?

MEDLINE is the largest subset of PubMed. You may limit your PubMed search retrieval to MEDLINE citations by restricting your search to the MeSH controlled vocabulary or by using the Journal Categories filter called MEDLINE.

How do I find medical literature?

Search MEDLINE (or PubMed), preferably using a peer reviewed search strategy per protocol and apply any relevant methodology filters. Search EMBASE (or Scopus) and the Cochrane Central trials register using appropriately reformatted search versions for those databases, and any other online resources.

Where can I find new medical research?

Around the Nation and Worldwide To search for other diseases and conditions, you can visit This is a searchable registry and results database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world.

Is the Lancet a prestigious journal?

and The Lancet are among the oldest, most respected and most widely read medical journals in the world. They were established in 1821 and 1823 and are ranked often first and second among general-interest medical journals by their “impact factor,” the frequency with which their studies are cited in other research.

What are the respected medical journals?

The most prestigious medical journals – sorted by their most recent impact factor

  • 1) CA – A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. ISSN:1542-4863.
  • 2) New England Journal of Medicine.
  • 3) The Lancet.
  • 4) Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology.
  • 5) Nature Reviews Cancer.
  • 6) Nature Reviews Immunology.
  • 7) Nature.
  • 8) Nature Reviews Disease Primers.

Is PubMed a good database?

It is a huge, reliable, and highly authoritative resource. It is specific to medicine and health. In Basic Search, you can just enter your search terms, without operators or formatting. PubMed uses various tools to get the most relevant results.

What is the highest impact factor for a medical journal?

Is the BMJ reputable?

On the other hand, the BMJ is considered a trustworthy collection of important medical information.

  • October 10, 2022