How do I change info area on InfoObject?

How do I change info area on InfoObject?

It did not seem to be an easy way, but it worked.

  1. TX RSD1.
  2. Click on the InfoObject Catalog button.
  3. Select the target InfoObject catalog that you want your objects in the unassigned nodes to go and click on ‘Edit’ button.
  4. Right click on the Characteristic/Key Figure and select ‘InfoObject direct input’.

What is InfoObject catalog in SAP BW?

InfoObjects are known as the smallest unit in SAP BI and are used in InfoProviders, DSO’s, Multi providers, etc. Each InfoProvider contains multiple InfoObjects. InfoObjects are used in reports to analyze the data stored and to provide information to the decision makers.

What does InfoObject mean?

InfoObjects are the smallest units in BW. They are used to depict information in a structured form required for creating InfoProviders. InfoObjects with attributes or texts can also be InfoProviders in their own right. Related Information. Creating Characteristics.

How do I copy InfoObject in SAP BW?

Creating a Copy of an InfoObject

  1. You have opened an InfoObject in the editor. Choose File Save As … .
  2. If required, select a different InfoArea to save the InfoObject under.
  3. Give it a different name and a description.
  4. Choose Finish. A copy of the InfoObject is created and is opened in the editor.

How do I create an InfoObject catalog?

How to Create an InfoObject Catalog in SAP BI/BW

  1. Go to transaction code RSA1 to go to the Data Warehouse Workbench. Click the OK button.
  2. Navigate to Modeling -> Infoobjects. Right click on the Info Area and choose the option “Create InfoObject Catalog” as shown below.
  3. Enter the Technical name of the InfoObject Catalog.

What is the difference between InfoProvider and InfoObject?

Data targets for which queries can be defined are called InfoProviders. InfoObjects (characteristics with attributes or texts). A characteristic is thus an InfoProvider if it has master data and is assigned to an InfoArea. It must be explicitly defined as an InfoProvider in the InfoObject maintenance.

How do I enable InfoObjects in SAP BW?

Programs for Activating BW Objects in a Productive System

  1. Communication Structures : RS_COMSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL.
  2. DataSources: RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL (for 7.X DataSources)
  3. Data Transfer Processes (DTP): RSBKDTPREPAIR.
  4. Data Store Objects (DSO/ODS):
  5. InfoCubes:
  6. InfoObjects:
  7. InfoSets:
  8. MultiProviders:

How do I add attributes to Infoobject SAP BW?

RSD1–> choose your infoobject and go to maintain mode choose Attribute tab click on create attribute button in the left side of the screen and it allows.

Can InfoObject be an InfoProvider?

You can indicate an InfoObject of type characteristic as an InfoProvider if it has attributes. The data is then loaded into the master data tables using the transformation rules. You can also define BEx queries for the master data of the characteristic.

How create InfoObject in SAP BW Hana?

How to create key figure InfoObject in BW on HANA?

  1. We should be in the view BW modeling.
  2. We press button New>Infoobject: HANA studio create infoobject.
  3. We fill in the details and press finish:

Can InfoObject be InfoProvider?

How do I add navigational attribute to InfoObject?

You go to maintain Master data in RSD1 for the info object and add the new navigational attribute. Once you have maintained the Attribute values you just need to reactivate the MPOS (without deactivating it) and you should be able to get the new set of navigational attributes and the values.

How create InfoObject in SAP BW HANA?

How do I enable navigation attribute in composite provider?

CompositeProvider is still unable to provide navigation attributes for mapping, but you can assign InfoProvider navigation attributes to the target objects. To do this, you need to display them by right clicking in InfoProvider.

What is Composite provider in SAP BW?

A Composite Provider is an Info Provider, which combines data from several analytic indexes or from other Info Providers (by Join or Union), and makes this data available for reporting and analysis. UNION and JOIN operations are executed in HANA and not the application server.

Can a composite provider be used in another Composite provider?

CompositeProviders can only be used in other CompositeProviders if they only contain union operations. However, if you want to add a join to the CompositeProvider, the property This CompositeProvider can be added to another CompositeProvider is deactivated by the system and the flag is set to inactive.

  • October 31, 2022