How did the band Nine Inch Nails get their name?

How did the band Nine Inch Nails get their name?

Reznor chose the name “Nine Inch Nails” because it “abbreviated easily” rather than for “any literal meaning”. Other rumored explanations have circulated, alleging that Reznor chose to reference Jesus’ crucifixion with nine-inch spikes, or Freddy Krueger’s nine-inch fingernails.

Is Nin a one man band?

In 2016, frequent Reznor collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Atticus Ross was announced as an official member of Nine Inch Nails, becoming the only person other than Reznor to have held an official position in the band. The configuration of Nine Inch Nails as a live band has evolved consistently.

Who was the lead guitarist for Nine Inch Nails?

Trent ReznorSince 1988Robin Finck2008 – 2009Danny Lohner1993 – 2003Richard Patrick1989 – 1993Adrian Belew2013 – 2013Jerome Dillon1999 – 2005
Nine Inch Nails/Guitarists

What type of music is Nine Inch Nails?

Alternative/IndieNine Inch Nails / Genre

Are Nine Inch Nails grunge?

Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam and other grunge bands still selling (out) | — Australia’s leading news site.

Who are the members of NIN?

Trent ReznorGuitarRobin FinckGuitarAtticus RossTwiggy RamirezDanny LohnerGuitarRichard PatrickGuitar
Nine Inch Nails/Members

Who played guitar for both Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson?

Danny Lohner, frequently known as Renholdër, is an American musician. He worked with Trent Reznor on numerous occasions, both with Nine Inch Nails and on the now defunct Tapeworm project….

Danny Lohner
Instruments Guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Years active 1987-present

What subculture is Nine Inch Nails?

The term “Nine Inch Nails” has been used in various cultural references, and as an otherwise unlikely phrase, is often assumed to be in reference or tribute to the band.

How did Trent Reznor meet Marilyn Manson?

Reznor eventually signed with a major label, Interscope. Trent Reznor met a young Marilyn Manson around 1989 when Manson interviewed him while working as a journalist for a South Florida publication called The 25th Parallel.

How did Trent Reznor meet wife?

“I tell people [Trent and I] met at a Mensa meeting, because we met under such unusual circumstances,” she continues, declining to elaborate. Maandig even tried to keep her pregnancy under wraps. “There have been requests for photo shoots with these recent interviews, and I needed a good reason to decline,” she says.

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