Does Socar accept P license?

Does Socar accept P license?

We’re the answer to your prayers because yes, you can now drive ANY of our cars in all states, P license users! 2. We no longer charge RM200 exclusively to P-drivers. Instead, ALL members will be charged a teeny weeny one-time RM20 membership fee upon first booking.

Does Tribecar provide P Plate?

Is the P-plate provided in the car? Please bring along your own pair of P-plate as it is not provided in our vehicles.

How much is car rental per day in Singapore?

The Singapore car rental market is a vibrant one with every make of car available for rental, for the right price….A vehicle for every occasion and price.

Type of vehicle Rental cost per day*
Luxury Sedans/Hatchbacks $80 to $600
Sports $100 to $400
MPV $80 to $250
SUV $60 to $500

Does Getgo allow P plate?

Note: We don’t provide P-Plate in our cars, so please bring your own!

Can I rent car with P license?

The vast majority of car rental services do not allow P Licence holders to rent cars, and this is where GoCar comes in. The pilot phase of the campaign allowed P Licence members to drive selected GoCars from locations within Klang Valley, and quickly proved that demand is high.

Is SOCAR unlimited mileage?

SOCAR bookings do not come with any free mileage, if no mileage is purchased at the start of the booking, you will be charged for the extra mileage at RM0. 25/km. There are a few mileage packages that you can choose from depending on your travels, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

How much is BlueSG per hour?

4. How much does BlueSG cost? The short answer: It costs S$10.80 for a half-hour drive, or S$21.60 per hour. Renting the BlueCar costs S$0.36 a minute.

Can probationary driver drive BlueSG?

To use BlueSG, the driver must be 20 years or older and hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. Users will also need a debit or credit card to set up an account. For foreigners, if you have resided in Singapore for more 1 year, you will need to convert your foreign driving license.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Singapore per month?

Average Cost of Car Rentals in Singapore

Duration Average Cost
Daily Rate S$137
Weekend Rate S$415
Weekly Rate S$868
Monthly Rate S$2,119

How much does BlueSG cost?


Membership fee $8 / month $18 / month
Rental fee $0.42 / min $0.42 / min
Monthly Rental Minutes Included None FREE 40 minutes
Commitment Period No commitment 6 months commitment

Who can drive BlueSG?

To use BlueSG, the driver must be 20 years or older and hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. Users will also need a debit or credit card to set up an account.

How much does SOCAR cost?

RM0.25 per KM
At the moment, SOCAR charges RM0. 25 per KM for additional mileage. For easy reference, 100KM of extra mileage costs RM25. For daily bookings on SOCAR, you’ll still be charged maximum of 12 hours per day.

Can I park my SOCAR anywhere?

Yes, and this applies for Free Floating trips only. When you are ready to end your trip, select your desired drop-off location and park the GoCar at its designated spot. For round trip reservations, you will need to return the car to where you picked it up from.

Is SOCAR fuel free?

This is because your fuel usage is covered by SOCAR. Yes, a SOCAR rental includes petrol as well. An hour of booking includes 30km worth of mileage. Anything beyond that is charged RM0.

Does BlueSG got camera?

BlueSG do not have dashcams in the cars – so if there’s an accident or dispute (choy choy) – well, it’s your word against the other driver. There are also no visual records of how the car looks when you pick it up or drop it off.

Can BlueSG fit 5 people?

Travel in a group Bonus points if you’re in a group of five, which can fit into one BlueSG car but would require two cabs or private hire cars. This makes BlueSG an ideal solution for families.

How much does it cost to rent a supercar in Singapore?

The boss of the Motorway Group rents out his fleet of supercars for below S$1,000 a day – S$888 to be exact, arguably the lowest rate on the market. There are other supercar rentals in Singapore, but they range from S$1,500 for four hours in a Lamborghini Gallardo, to S$2,800 per day for a Ferrari F430 Spider.

Can foreigner rent a car in Singapore?

For foreigners intending to rent a car in Singapore, you will need to produce a valid driving license issued by your home country that is officially translated to English, or an International Driving Permit (IDP). These two documents certify you to drive in Singapore for up to 12 months.

What happens to cars after 10 years in Singapore?

In Singapore, your car must be de-registered after 10 years unless you pay to renew your COE. Start the process 2-3 weeks before your COE expires. After this date, your car cannot be on the road and you could incur additional costs, like towing.

  • September 5, 2022